The Axis Civil War...
Date: April 8th, 1954 December 12th, 1956
Region: The United States
Status: German Victory...
  • Japanese Pull the Plug on the Axis Powers and Re ally themselves with the United States...
  • The Imperial States of Japan Disband...
  • United States fully Occupied by Nazi Germany...
  • Relationship Between Japan & The United States Grow Strong...


The Axis Civil War was a 2 year Civil War fought between Nazi Germany and the Empire of Japan, for Strategic control of power in the continental United States.

It lasted from 1954 to 1956 as a German Victory, the war however despite being lost for the Japanese and the entire western U.S, the relationships between Japan and the U.S. grew strong, due to the fact of the Japanese evacuating as many Americans and Japanese Americans as they could before the Germans occupied the Evac site on different areas around the West coast.

In the aftermath of the Conflict, the Japanese, settled in Occupied Hawaii, throughout the rest of the 1950's until the Valor War in the fall of the 20th Century during the late 1980's to mid 1990's, when Nazi Germany discovered the Island..

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