Fall of Sega
Fall of Sega
Date: January 20th, 2012 - January 21st, 2012
Conflict: United Nazi War
Region: Sega, Southern Michigan
Status: Nazi Victory...
  • Echo Park at the point of annihilation...
  • Echo Park concentrate on Defenses around Hollow Hill...
  • Road open for Nazi Attack on Hollow Hill...


The Fall of Sega was a major battle for control of Entry into Southern Michigan, during Operation Von Dale. It was also known to be the fifth largest engagement in the United Nazi War. Though Echo Park managed to claim Sega

The Town was later reoccupied from the German main force that was out waitin. This battle was also known as the first major Operation when Nazi Germany would use a 21st Century AWACs Aircraft.

Prelude Edit

Nazi Germany Steals an AWACS Aircraft Edit

5 days after the crushing Blow in Upstate New York Echo Park remain scattered throughout the area, while some who did make it back to Michigan began to curs 2091riveraisrael out for sending them on a Suicide run.

On January 20th, 2012 before the solid Blitzkrieg of Southern Michigan, Nazi Germany launched a surprise attack on West Point airfield in Upstate New York, capturing it. Despite their major victory, the Germans were eventually pushed back by an allied counter attack that managed to reclaim the base, but were stopped due to a large number of air attacks.

At one point before the retreat or those of the allied counter attack, The Germans began to set eyes on a Jet Plane, one that they have never seen before like those of TV's Yaht's and advanced Fighter jets.

After a test on the aircraft by a bunch of curious German soldiers they managed to find out that this aircraft can hide ground movements, as well as air movements, without a single word being said, they sent the report to Hitler in Germany who ordered them to grab the aircraft and fly it back to Gale Dorva Airfield, that was still under construction after the Echo Park Siege.

After flying the aircraft to Gale Dorva, the Germans eventually find out the name and what type of aircraft it is, than later call it by it's actuall name, "AWACS".

Not much is known however on how the Ju-87's managed to make it all the way to Hollow Hill on January 1st, of 2012, and bomb the hell out of the area. It might have been the fact that the Allies weren't in the vicinity at the time, or it could have also been the fact that the Bombers were hidden in the clouds, the where abuts on how the 2 air raids on Hollow hill was is Unknown.

Engagment Edit

Echo Park Attack the Sierra Hills Edit

Fall Of Sega

Echo Park Attempts to capture Sega, before the Germans could arrive...

Echo Park Attack Sega Edit

German Counter Attack Edit

Fall of SegaEdit

Second Battle of the Sierra Hills Edit

Echo Park Counter Attack on SegaEdit

Aftermath Edit

Trivia Edit

  • The Fall of Sega was known to be a battle in order too gain Entry into Southern Michigan...
  • Sega was a town named after the Japanese/American Video game Company SEGA...
  • Tanks were shown in the fight but were delayed due to the swamp lands around southern Michigan...
  • This battle was known to be 2091riverisrael's last counter attack against Nazi Germany...
  • This was the first major Operation when Nazi Germany would use an AWACS Jamming aircraft from the early 2000's...
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