Fall of Central Park
Battle Of Central Park Art
Date: November 10th, 2011
Conflict: United Nazi War
Region: Central Park, New York City
Status: Nazi Victory...
  • Americans driven out of New York City...
  • SS Control Manhattan Island...
  • East Coast Inland forces Weakened...
  • Citizens of New England head for Boston...
  • Occupation of Manhattan Commences...
Battle Time 7:59Pm - 11:39Pm
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The Battle of Central Park Was known as the last major Engagement On November 10th, 2011 of The Blitz, between Defending Us Inland forces, and Invading Nazi forces, during the Invasion of Manhattan, leading to the Nazi Occupation of New England, and the rest of the SS To Cross into Upstate New York, to reinforce the Garrisons that were already in the region.

Central Park, was known to appear in the United Nazi War Video Game as the 3rd, Staging Area in Act 3.

Prelude Edit

With the SS Advancing on all fronts and the Inland defenders, surrounded, and encircled.

The Inland Army fell back to the once beautiful Park of Central, which was fortunate enough to have survived Bombings from both waves of the Flock at the time of the Fall of Manhattan.

After establishing Barricades all around the park stretching all around the Park's structure fences, the United States Inland defenders struggled to fortify the wall as best as possible with more machine guns and Anti Tank weaponry, trenches were also rushed and dug allover the Park's interior and man made structures were quickly built further down in the center guarded by foxholes and trenches, the remaining military that was scattered around New York City, quickly vacated the streets and filled the entire park with tanks, APC's Artillery, Humvees, Helicopter Gunships and more, the Park had become the last major stronghold on Manhattan Island.

For many hours, the United States sent multiple patrols in and out of the Park's walls in a bold attempt to kill any SS Patrols that were coming too close towards the Park's location, despite multiple success runs including guerrilla tactics against German heavy armored units around the city, some patrols managed to locate the park from the air, sending in more German ground forces from the ruined city, this would later lead to many small skirmishes were done as the SS, attempted to try and over take the Barricade walls that surround the park, but neither was successful in doing so.

As Night drew close the German Luftwaffe began a large aerial bombardment of the entire park and surrounding blocks that were still under U.S Control.

Despite the heavy damage inflicted on the Park, the defenses were known to still be intact, and strong enough to hold off the SS for at least 3 hours.

The SS Began to A Mass from the Occupied Northern Sector of the Island, as well as the New Jersey side of the Hudson river, in order to launched a full scale attack on the Park's main line of defense, the Guns Sector.

The U.S Inland Army units already known that the Germans could attack from anywhere began to concentrate there defense from the Northern and Western walls, but the SS were known to be concentrating more on the Southern Defenses.

This confusion would later lead to the destruction of the walls, and the SS's entry into Central Park.


(Central Park was once a dear park owned by Frederick Law of the Nineteenth Century, Now It was a sad sight to behold, soldiers lay dead on Great Hill, killed before they could reach their Lines.

Where once the origins of Speakers corner held audiences and spell bound, now there was a barricade of debris and destruction. The Night was much darker in the park, sounds of explosions and gunfire heard all around.

The Ancient Castle of Belvedere, has been bombed to ruins, Delacorte Theater was burning fiercely, encampments have been set up in the far center all the way down to Bows Bridge, Central Park had become a WarZone...

Nazi Germany in their blitz had managed to overrun and conquer about 91% of New England, citizens run scattered, frightened, and shocked to this horrific event in our Nations history, but I sensed a sharpness of Observation, Manhattan was already losing it's Electrical Power, but I had a strong heart that my children were still alive. I sought that they were hiding from these ruthless Bastards from the ruins of their home at Ross Ave. In order to make it there I would have to survive Central Park, it is not going to be easy at all...)

Battle Edit

South ParkEdit

The SS Launched a surprise attack on Central Park's Southern Walls at about 7:59Pm, catching the Inland units completely off guard. Despite such a successful surprise attack the attackers, were known to be mostly just Infantry, and half track APC units, at the present time. Though Some of the SS managed to climb the Debris Walls, and enter the top, they were unable to make it passed. Artillery, began to pound the Southern positions, from deep within the ruins of Manhattan, the damage was so intense, that the defenders, were starting to lose too many infantry units from all over the wall. National guard forces from the East than arrived, to reinforce the south along with part of the other sectors of the walls surrounding the park.

With great reinforcements, the National guards men, managed to hold off endless waves of Nazi Attackers, for the passed 2 hours, despite the pounding from Artillery, and the Luftwaffe over head. Things however started to take a turn for the worst starting on 9:39Pm, when the German main force began to come in force, with great tank support, and endless waves of Infantry and air support, this antic caused the rest of the defenders, to desert there Posts on the Northern, Western, and Eastern walls, and come and defend the Southern walls, leaving the rest of the Park vunrable to any attacks, with just only 120 Infantry men able to hold those walls, while the South contained about 30,000 by this very moment.

East ParkEdit

With much of the fighting taking place on the Southern walls, the SS than dispatch The 34th, North Army towards the East Park, that was known to be defended with only about 315 Soldiers, along with about 20 APC's. Th SS deciding to open up a back door in order to gain entry into Central Park, planned on capturing the East wall in hopes of establishing a foot hold for the East Main Force to breach through, and enter the Park. The 34th, however managed to have some difficulties in controlling the East Wall mostly due to all sectors being on Look out ever since the SS began the attack on the South. By 9:41 Pm the Germans took control of the east Wall, and breached the barricade leading into the Park. About 4 seconds after breaking through the barricade, the east wall was breached with a large column of German Panzer tanks entering the Park scattering the East defenders all over the region.

Realizing that there Eastern flank has been breached the Western forces arrived in supporting the Eastern forces at East park, holding positions at Straw berry fields. The brigade was able to hold for at least 39 minutes, but the endless arrival of German Panzer tanks, and Infantry proved to daring. The National Guard than abandoned Strawberry field, and crossed the Grand lake, where the SS used row boats, to cross. Despite heavy fire from fortified postions, German Tanks managed to run over the defenses of the grand lake forcing the National guards men to than pull back a third time towards the Rambul. The SS however did not pursue, and instead focused on attacking the Southern forces from the rear in which caused the crumbling of the Southern wall at 9:56 Pm.

West ParkEdit

Though the Eastern and southern defenses were in the brink of destruction the Western defenses of Central Park took action, in an attempt to aide the Eastern forces in order to defend the Park.

They were succeeding quite well for the last 30 minutes, but the SS than began to attack the Western walls, which forced the Western Inland Army men to return to the wall to defend the West. This antic caused the destruction of both the eastern and Southern defenses.

Before the crumbling of the Southern wall, the German managed to breached the West wall, flooding troops into the West side of the park, controlling Controversy Water and Great Hill in just minutes.

With ammunition running out for the western defenses, as well as the Southern line broke, the Western defenders, than fled to the center and regrouped with the remains of bout the Eastern and Southern Defenders. From there they were able to take out a large total of endless waves of advancing SS, but than news soon popped out that the Germans have just breached the Northern Walls incinerating the Northern defenders and now has the entire Center Park completely surrounded on all sides.

North ParkEdit

CentralPark Map last Stand

National Guards forces make their last stand against Nazi Invasion In Manhattan On November 10th 2011...

After the fall of the Western Defenses the northern National Guard Defenders had come under fire, before they could send aid. By 10:29Pm. Endless artillery reduced the Northern Wall to Ruble allowing Germans to start climbing on the ruble as well as fire there weapons.

The Inland army men after losing a grand total of about 150 men abandoned the wall, and retreated south towards the Ramble, where they held off about 4 waves of attacking German forces.

After these heroic defenses the Northern defenders, coutner attacked in hopes of pushing the SS back across the wall where they can have the High ground again, but the German Luftwaffe returned with a large fleet of bombers, with a grand total of about 198 Planes.

The massive bombings of the Luftwaffe, thwarted the Northern advanced and once again forced them to pul back to Ramble.

By 11:01Pm the Germans broke through the Northern defenders encircling the Center Park, while the Luftwaffe continued to pound the wastelandic Park into craters.

Center ParkEdit

With all defenses now breached and the National guard surrounded, on all sides. The United States decided to fight on until there last breath.

Many of the Inland forces began to use Craters as fox holes, while some other began to use destroyed vehicles as there only means of cover close to the ruins of both the ancient castle of Belvedere, and the Delacorte Theater, Encampments were stretched in from center park to Bows Bridge, representing there final lines of defense. By 11:04Pm, the SS attempted to attack one Crater, but were driven back due to too much resistance in the fox hole, The SS than attempted to assault the ruins of Belvedere castle, but were repelled from RPG fire.

The Center line continued to hold for about 12 minutes, but the SS proved to be relentless. With Ammo running out, and the Inland Army men exhausted around 11:22Pm The SS began to over run the Center park. By 11:39Pm The National guards forces in the park were whipped out, along with the entire city of New York, now under the control of Nazi Germany.

With the Victory in New York assured, Panic spread widely throughout New England, as People began to abandon the North Eastern States and fled to Canada, the Mid West, or to Europe.

By 11:43Pm, A large column of civilian refuges retreated to Boston Massachusetts, the only city left in New England that was under United States control. With the SS closing in on Boston, it was from here on that a Legendary sea battle would take place into assure that the refugees would make it out alive.

The Aftermath Edit

United Nazi War Video Game Edit

Main article: United Nazi War Video Game

Central Park is the 3rd Staging Region of the Game, consisting of 2 Levels. The First Part opens up with You walking in the Park while the Narrator is speaking overhead. Around you is a sad sight to see, with everything dark, all around you with nothing but explosions in the distance for light. While walking through the park you see nothing but dead Inland Army forces on the ground as well as destroyed Hot dog stands, and bridges. While moving across one of the bridges you pass a couple of National guards forces.

Central park is now a Warzone between Inland Army Units, and Invading SS forces. Is this Part you are still Armed with your RPG-7USA rocket Launcher, you can either keep it or discard it for another gun. In this mission the Player must survive through the entire Warzone in Central Park and escape to the North in order to make it home. While on the way you must avoid fires, artillery, German forces, and intense fire fights that are to dangerous to fight your way through.

You will be doing a lot of shooting, Jumping, Dashing, Prooning, and ducking in this Mission, until you reach the Center of the park, where a large National Guards Unit is pinned down.

After you reach the pinned Guard units, you must help them defend their position against the Attacking SS, who will be attacking them from both sides, of the screen, Eventually after repelling about 3 waves of German forces, the SS Will eventually start calling in Tanks in order to cover their advance. That's where your RPG-7USA comes in, you can either use that or any random Bazooka that is found in the Inland Army Crater that you are in. After destroying about 4 Tanks, on both sides, the Germans will Eventually give up and retreat to aide the rest of the fight throughout the park. After aiding the Inland units in the Park, your than given an M60 Machine Gun as a secondary fire arm, introducing a new tactic that the player can carry more than one gun in the game. After receiving your Machine gun you continue through the Park, where Germans start coming at ya in massive numbers on board Half Tracks, You can either shoot them as they come out, or destroy the Halftrack with your RPG-7USA, or Bazooka whatever you have. After making your way passed the SS Lines The first Part of Act 3 Is completed, opening up the Ways for Part 2.

In Part 2, You Started off in a different section of the Park, where you later enter another group of Inland units armed with World War II American guns, where they say that their going to attack the German command post in the Park Center.

You agree, and attack the Germans while covering your allies as they advance on the German command post. In this level the only thing you do is shoot and destroy, as well as trying to survive the Assault.

After you occupy the Command post the Germans Call in an air raid from Stuka Dive Bombers that were orbiting the Park from the sky. From their you and your allies must flee the attacking Bombers and retreat under the ground where a Payload seals off your way back. You and your allies than move back to the surface into another Inland Army Trench, where you can move on your own from their.

You later run farther East until you reach another Tunnel, the one that will lead you outta of the park and in your neighborhood or what's left of it. The Mission ends when you reach the end of the Right side of the screen bringing about the end to Act 3, and the Opening of Act 4.

Trivia Edit

  • The Battle of Central Park was known to be the Inland Armies Last line of defense on Manhattan Island...
  • American Inland forces were carrying more 21st Century guns during the early stages of the United Nazi War than cheap WWII Guns from the 1940's...
  • The Origin of the Nazi's now realizing the difference in todays technology is unknown, it is possible that they were not paying attention, or they thought of the guns as 40's guns with upgrades...
  • Central Park's first appearance was shown in the United Nazi War Video Game, and is also scheduled to be mentioned some time in Season 2 of the U.N.W Series...
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