The Bronx Uprising...
Uprising of 1952
Date: September 7th, 1952
Region: Bronx, New York
Status: Resistance Victory...
  • Damaged Supplies to The Nazi War Machine
  • Brought about the first major Imperialist attack In the Occupied East Coast...
  • American Resistance Founded...
  • Nazi Germany Tightens Grip on U.S. East Coast...


The First Uprising is a Fictional Legendary Uprising, from the Novel Axis 7, that Occurred in the Early fall of 52, When a small band of American Militia attacked The SS Compost outside The Nazi Parliament of War In the Bronx.

The operation was a success, but the losses to the Militia were considered to be Grievous.

Prelude Edit

On September 5th, of 1952 a group of 5 Local American Men Brad Tucker, George Harlem, Joseph Gibson, Owen Norman, and Carol Gavin, gathered around a Garage somewhere in occupied New York City, where they were determined in fighting to try and reclaim their homeland from the Nazi Invaders.

This mission was however proved to be mir suicidal due to these men being heavily outnumbered and outgunned, also as well not knowing where to strike first.

The small group roamed their hometown for days seeing the people of Queens and Manhattan Suffer the Nazi Occupation for nearly 3 Years, and to them it was time to try and put an end to it, even if it meant losing their lives.

After scouting much of the most important post and Stations throughout the entire State of New York the 5 Locals have discovered after knocking out a group of SS guards, at a Communication center in the Catskills, that most of The German resources were being developed in the Bronx, and how it was being used as one of their major Seaports in New England.

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Resistance Attacks Edit

German Convoy Ambushed In BronxEdit

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