German Occupied Bronx
German occupation of the bronx by meowjar-d7u7k9n
Established: November 10th 2011
Collapse: November 23rd, 2014
Era: United Nazi War
Years Active: 2011-2014
Active: 3 Years...
Status: Liberated by United Nations...
Continent: North America, United States


The German Occupied Bronx, also known by most of Its Citzens as the German Occupation of The Bronx, was an event during the United Nazi War Era, which occurred immediately, after The Blitz was Initiated on New England on November 9th, after The Bronx had been Invaded and occupied by German forces on November 10th, of 2011.

The Bronx, just like Occupied New Jersey was widely known for it's Vast Uprisings and multiple Shoot Outs against German Occupiers, this event would last until mid 2012, when German forces discover the Bronx Resistance Base in the Subways, and destroyed the armed fighters, the Bronx was also known, to be a major Port for Nazi Germany, when Importing or exporting supplies from Europe, to New England, while at the same time was also used for the construction of U-Boats in America.

Unlike most of Occupied New England, like New Jersey, The Bronx, held the strongest and largest amounts of German forces in the United States, until 2012, when the American Resistance was eliminated.

The Occupation was finally broken on December 29th of 2014, when US Canadian, and British forces Attacked and conquered the New York City wasteland, and Liberating The Bronx secondly in the Process, by December 29th 2014.

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German occupied Bronx

German forces Patrolling the Bronx in 2012...

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Fatel Harbor

Fatal Harbor shown on July 2nd, 2014 along with Dead Manhattan in the Horizon, as a German BF 109 deceneds at low Altitude about to Land in Queens...

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