Operation Gradossa
Operation Gradossa 2011
Date: November 20th, 2011 - November 21st, 2011
Conflict: United Nazi War
Region: Carcus Town, Upstate New York


  • Nazi Victory


  • U.A.B.F Victory

Nazi Strategic Victory...

  • U.A.B.F forces Weakened After defenses...
  • Nazi Germany tears down Carcus Town in search of Brenda Kylie...

U.A.B.F./U.F.N, Victory...

  • U.F.N forces repel Nazi's At Gara Hill...
  • Brenda Kylie Escapes
Operation: Gradossa


Operation Gradossa was a 2 day long Operation which occurred in North Western Upstate New York in the CatSkill Mountains, and was also known as the largest ground engagement in the entire United Nazi War, It was known to also be the major battle that would Initialize Brenda Kylie's Fate, and the fate of the U.A.B.F.

This battle was also known to Nazi Germany as their last engagement, that would end the United Nazi War, and allow the Invading soldiers and pilots to return home to Germany.

Despite a Nazi Victory, the English singer was known to over power Fegelein, and Escape Carcus Town, her escape cost the major failure of Operation Gradossa, and the expanding of the United Nazi War.

Prelude Edit

Fall of HamptonEdit

Main article: Siege of Norman
Main article: Fall of Hampton

On November 15th, taking place Last year 4 days before Operation Gradossa, in 011, the U.A.B.F Attacked a Nazi Patrol in the Norman fields while attempting to scout out the area for U.A.B.F positions in the region.

The sounds of shots and battle were later discovered by German officials watching from the distance, where they start getting itchy fingers on why the U.A.B.F are so far to the west of Upstate New York. The small skirmishes later turn into a large ground war.

Despite the Large engagement that took place At Norman Fields, in Western Upstate New York, The SS Were less successful in discovering the exact location of the British Singer Brenda Kylie, but their luck changed some time 3 days later, on November 17th, where the same German Force that attacked the Norman fields managed to wipe out a small U.A.B.F ban about 12 miles South East of Carcus Town, where they later discovered the Concert add and the exact date of Brenda Kylie's arrival in the United States.

Hitler responded to this ad by a massing a large Nazi Invasion force to crush Carcus Town during her performance there by exterminating the United Alliance of Brenda's Fans, and arresting Brenda Kylie for her aggressiveness against the SS On November 8th.

However proximally about 1 day before Operation Gradossa, The SS followed a small group of U.A.B.F forces to Hampton, which was known to be one of the U.A.B.F's major chilling out spots close to Kar, that fell 9 Days ago, on November 9th, 2011 a couple of hours before The Blitz.

The Nazi's surprised the entire U.A.B.F Garrison at Hampton, while they were chilling out playing Brenda Kylie, and video games.

Before the Attack the U.A.B.F Garrison managed to catch wind, that Brenda Kylie has just entered the country from England, by flying over Canada, and that her Concert was going to begin tomorrow at Carcus Town.

The fans celebrated while shooting guns and tanks into the sky they couldn't wait to listen to their mistress perform once again in their home city.

This battle was known to be the opening Engagement to Operation Gradossa, which was Initiated On November 20th, the day after the SS Attacked Hampton.

Despite the overwhelming Germans during the attack, the U.A.B.F Managed to repel the attack at first, but than became overwhelmed by the SS Gradossa Invasion. Immediatly After the first attack on Hampton was repulsed.

The U.A.B.F. quickly alerted Carcus Town, who began to prepare their city for Nazi Invasion leading up to the Largest tank engagement on United States soil.

Hampton fell the day after defensive preporations were completed on November 20th, 2011, the day of begining for Operation Gradossa.

Operation Hell Storm At Hale FieldsEdit

Main article: Hale Field Skirmish

The Germans Tightened there perimeter after both their defeat at Cartel Hill and their victory against the Americans During Operation SS Freedom.

However a group of American National guard mixed with Inland Soldiers led by surviving member George S. Miller who apparently survived the German Onslaught at Tyrus, during the failure of Operation SS Freedom, leads a group of World War II Veterans to attack a large group of Germans that were located In the fields of Hale.

It was stated by 2091riveraisrael that these Germans were stationed for something, but to what they were up too was completely unknown. After a complete surprise Attack by Miller shooting a Single German soldier in the field a large brutal firefight erupts.

Despite the Germans having more men than Miller and his squad, the Germans were picked off one by one by each and every one of the American Veterans of the second World War, they managed to send the Krauts Running.

After much of the Germans retreated while the other lay dead and wounded from all over the field a group of National Guards men managed to capture a couple of German POW's, while the regular army boys continued to fire amongst the fleeing Germans.

The POW's claimed that they were Polish, but the Americans not believing a single word of this forced information outta them.

Though not stated in the Episode, 2091riveraisrael concluded that these Germans were known to be a recon squad that managed to find Carcus Town and Brenda Kylie's location a couple days earlier after finding the Pan flip and as well watching the Commercial on CSN, for the first time in the City of Tyrus.

After Operation Hell Storm Miller and his men raced for Carcus Town and informed the U.A.B.F. that the Germans now knew where they are, and that they know as well that there singing Legend is in Grave danger.

This problems would later forced an Immediate American Cancellation of Brenda Kylie's American tour for 2011, but Richard Nix, her studio manager and producer rejected both American and British cancellations and continued with the Tour despite America's warnings of Nazi Presence in the Country.


U.A.B.F DefensesEdit

NSL-SE-map 5

U.A.B.F forces make their Stand Around Gorgon City South of Carcus Town...

Under a race against the clock, the U.A.B.F Leaders decided to create a large line of defense using all of the Brenda Kylie fans that gathered at Carcus Town in order to fight against the Nazi Invasion that was on the way fastly approaching at high speed.

According to 2091riverisrael's Narrations, the U.A.B.F took control of the entire Western half of the region stretching from lake Skill all the way to Gara hill to the East.

The U.A.B.F had dug many trenches in the region and positioned a vast amount of artillery that was collected and purchased from Military Fire, and was stationed in the area as best as they could. The New shipment of Soviet tanks that they bought from Military Fire, were stationed at Gorgon City where they would patrol the regions and report any sign of German presents in the area.

The second line of defense was completed, but the U.A.B.F didn't trust their fortifications and sent the U.F.N after paying them a great some of money in order to dig around Saw Hill to the South in order to create a first line of defense farther away from Gorgon City.

Despite their strong wall, many of the U.A.B.F had some doubts that they would be able to stop the Germans overwhelming onslaught that was on the way.

U.F.N DefensesEdit

NSL-SE-map 6

U.F.N forces make their stand At Saw Hill as a First Line Of Defense...

The U.F.N's had the first line of defense, mostly due to the fact of their militiaist factions containing 21st Century Guns and tanks, rather than cheap World War II fire arms and tanks from Military Fire

The U.F.N planned to hold the hill hopping that the German invaders would focus more on them than the U.A.B.F in the North. They launched an evacuation location to the North West, where they would retreat to Gara Hill if Saw Hill's defenses should fade away.

During 2091riverisrael's Narration he states that the U.A.B.F and U.F.N are using the terrain as an advantage point in hopping to stop the Nazi Invasion at Gorgon City. The U.F.N stage a force of about 25 to 900 men and Teens on Saw Hill while another 400,000 were staged at Gara Hill.

Tanks were stationed at the top and bottom of Saw Hill where they would fire to prevent German Panzers from reaching the Hills.

MG. Nests were stationed on the hill top along with Rocket Propelled Grenades, along with Snipers whos task was to pick off German forces coming up the hill from down below.

The U.F.N believed that this defense would prove to be so Impenetrable that not Even Nazi Germany would be able to break through.

Battle Edit

Gorgon CampaignEdit

After our victory at Hale Fields, we managed to send the Krauts running back to Tyrus...

Though we were defeated in Operation SS Freedom, we heard that the Nero boys managed to stop the Germans at Cartel Hill...

After their defeat they Tightened their perimeter around the Occupied areas...

Unable to launch an attack ourselves, we spent the rest of our days nursing our wounds and listining to our mistress perform live at Carcus City herself...

Not long before Thanksgiving the Germans made their next move...

To much of disgrace we found out that the Krauts found out about Brenda's Location and mobilized an attack against Carcus City...

We raced east in an attempt to block the Germans in the CatSkill Mountains...

Though the Germans control much of the CatSkill Mountains, we still claim to hold some of the Terrain, and our using it at advantage...

It was decided that we would make a Stand at Gorgon City, while the Nero boys dug around Saw Hill to the South...

Despite the Temperature dropping quickly and rapidly, we've received a report from our scouting Units that Supplies were still along way off...

Their were a hell of a lot of Germans coming, and not that many of us left...

Unlike the Nero boys on Hill 66, we cannot retreat, other wise Gorgon City would fall and Carcus City herself will be overrun by the Nazi's...

The fate of this Battle, the Fate of Brenda Kylie, the Fate of America, rests is in our hands...

We must stand our ground, Even if it means throwing Rocks at the SS...


Battle of Saw HillEdit

The Battle Commenced at 7:00 PM, November 20th, first beginning at the Hill site of Saw.

The SS launched their first wave against the U.F.N. forces who were well intrenched into the high grounds, but were repelled from both tank fire, and RPG's. Despite such a successful defense, the U.F.N. began to secure as much of there flanks around the hill as possible to avoid a Nazi counter attack that was bound to come from all directions.

Some were confident that they were going to hold just fine like they did 10 days ago at Cartel Hill. Many attacks were repulsed just like at Cartel Hill, but ammunition was becoming scarce for the U.F.N forces defending the hill top.

Due to the massive lack of ammunition, weapons, and other supplies had too be pulled from near by towns in the region, but it would not be enought for the Hill's side defenses.

By mid day, the sides of Saw Hill had to be abandoned due to the lack of guns. After retreating back to the hill top, and managed to fend off against other attacks of German Infantry.

Due to the gaining supplies of other regions across the Carcus region, it would later weaken the U.A.B.F. defenses in the center lines, without anyone noticing.

Though given supplies from other regions across the entire CatSkill Mountains, Gara Hill managed to supply them with enough Ammunition too last for at least 3 days of warfare.

With the help of there newly replenish cartridges, the fighting on Saw Hill would last for another day, with well entrenched defenders on the hill top.

Due to the replenish supplies the U.F.N. even managed to retake the side trenches forceing the SS back down towards the bottom of the hill. After being forced back down again the SS, decided to wait until more progress was mounted else where on the battlefield, other wise the entire Western advance would probrobly never break passed Saw Hill.

Germans Stopped at Lake YorkEdit

While Saw Hill was coming under fire, the Germans were already break through U.A.B.F. forces in the North, due too much of the ammunition being moved to Saw Hill, due to the U.F.N's lack of ammunition, caused by endless waves of attacking Germans.

While the U.A.B.F. forces fortified, lake York, though there was more defenses on the lake already, more were constructed in order to strengthen the U.A.B.F's hold on the lake and northern region.

By 5:45Pm, the Nazi's arrived at the lake and launched multiple hords of infantry attacks with the help of tank and halftrack support. 

Although the U.A.B.F. suffered heavy causuilties, they managed to stand there ground on the Eastern shoreline, holding back the SS, one wave at a time.

However the ammunition began to slowly deplete, which forced some of the U.A.B.F. to abandond there depleted guns, and start throwin rocks at the Germans.

This one little flaw soon caused the entire Eastern shorleine to be brought under Nazi control, while forcing the rest of the U.A.B.F. to retreat across the lake towards the otherside hopping that they will have better luck against the SS on the western side of the lake's shorline.

The SS launched several soldiers behind U.A.B.F. lines in an attempt to establish a beach head so they can construct bridges in order to get there tanks across instead of having to drive all away around, but these tactics failed due too intense U.A.B.F. resistance on the otherside of the lake.

The SS planned to construct the bridges anyway while the Luftwaffe began to pound the western shore defenses, in which diverted them into attacking the Luftwaffe rather than shooting at the workmen constructing the bridges who were also being covered by tanks that were following behind.

Though some Germans were able too complete the bridge, they have been unable to establish any beach heads on the western side of the shoreline, despite heavy bombings, and shelling from artillery.

As November 21st arrived the SS attempted too launch another attack across the lake, but the attack was averted when the North Army broke through the center lines.

Instead of trying too occupy the lake, the SS shifted towards the advance on Gorgon city.

Although there plans shifted the SS left a large force on the Eastern shoreline of the lake, in order to prevent the U.A.B.F's northern defenses from interfering with the attack on both Gorgon City, and Carcus Town.

Fall of Gorgon CityEdit

Main article: Battle of Gorgon City

By breaking through the center defensens the SS Would have a complete and open roadway towards Gorgon city. The city was already bombed countless times by the Luftwaffe, even before the North Army managed to break through. The city was quickly turned to rubble, although some factories continued production while workers joined in the fighting.

The North army entered the suburbs at about 7:21Pm and automatically took control, without that much of a fight.

They than entered the downtown area, in which like Manhattan, was hard to maneuver around due to the intense damage done by previous German bombings.

The U.A.B.F. rushed all available troops from Carcus Town, in hopes of trying to retake the city before the SS had a shot towards there home town.

The U.A.B.F established a field head quarters at Harris ridge, however before any attack was to be mounted.

By the end late afternoon, the Nazi North army had finally reached the heart of the city, and over whelmed it, smashing the remaining U.A.B.F. defenses in Gorgon City. The city now lost was than abandoned when the U.A.B.F. evacuated back to Harris ridge only too lose the ridge as well due to pour defenses.

The loss of both Gorgon City, and Harris ridge would lead the North Army into a straight shot into Carcus Town, with a road wide open in it's sight.

Fall of Saw HillEdit

By 6:23 PM, the German forces managed to gain the Upper hand, in the battle for Brenda Kylie's fate...

Not Long before the German North Army managed to break through the Bush lines in the center, overrunning Gorgon City, and Harris Ridge Themselves...

It wasn't long before the SS entered Carcus Town, tearing it apart one block at a time...

While searching for the English singer they threatened to kill anyone if he or she, dose not retrieve the English singer and bring her to them by a certain time...

Sawhill Holds, by managing to repel many attacks from the Germans...

But after the North Army broke through the Central Defenses Nero boys now find themselves being attacked on all sides...

After being completely out numbered and out manned they were forced to abandon the Hill, and retreat to Gara, hill where they planned to make their final Stand...

To much to everyone's surprise they were in complete shock, that the SS Boys managed to chase after the forces of Normous rather than continuing their attack with the North Army at Carcus Town...

It is a mistake that they're soon going to regret...

For they are completely cut off...


Before the fall of Gorgon City, Saw Hill was still holding on against several waves of attacking German infantry battalions.

Despite managing to hold out against the Germans a day earlier, on November 20th, their defenses would not be so lucky on the 21st.

Due to the lack of resources on the center lines, a large Nazi Invasion force managed to break through and cut the entire Northern and southern lines into 2 separate pockets, in which allowed fresh German armored divisions to draw off course and attack Saw Hill along side the current forces that already have been attacking the hill.

Though the U.F.N managed to hold for up too about 4 hours, the SS began to respond with king Tiger Tanks, in which managed to destroy many of the U.F.N's medium armored tanks, allowing SS infantry to overwhelm the hill's side defenses and later the hill top itself.

Realizing that the hill was lost the U.F.N began a hasty retreat off the hill top using many explosives, such as propane tanks, fuel barrels, rolling grenades, and even fire works, to help slow down the Germans that were in hot pursuit from right behind.After managing to escape the hill, the U.F.N were very surprised that the SS did not try too regroup with the North Army that was already wreaking havoc at Carcus Town. Too much of there fears, the SS were instead chasing after them, using the Luftwaffe to pound them from above while the main forces pursued by land.

While enroute to Gara Hill, the retreating U.F.N forces warned the hill that the SS Were not diverted to Carcus Town, but at them, and the hill began to fortify itself with just about anything that can kill man.

Battle of Gara HillEdit

Operation Gradossa

German forces Storm Gara Hill during A Violent Storm, while Receiving fire from U.F.N at the top of the Hill...

Main article: Battle of Gara Hill

The Nazi's Invaded Gara Hill sometime after the U.F.N escaped Saw hill, and managed to lay a large siege towards the hill's defenders.

The SS pursuing SS arrived and attacked with a mixture of both tanks, and infantry. The U.F.N, directed its many of there forcestowards the ruins in hopes of the ruble giving there infantry way more cover than those of the trenches and fox holes.

The SS surged forward with a barrage that was more powerful than it was during the engagement that was hours earlier in Saw hill, and Cartel hill about 11 days back.

After receiving too many losese as well as tank support, the SS retreated back down to the bottom where they regrouped in a planned attack too launch a second wave against Gara Hill, in which the U.F.N knew about and had already began to prepare themselves for a second attack that could be commenced by Nazi Germany at any time.

The Siege was known to prove very exhausting and vital to the U.F.N, but despite they're heavy losses they remained on the hill, until a small chunk of the United States Military returned from Afghanistan and shelled the Germans into the ground, driving them away from the hill, and receiving victory a day later on December 1st.

Hurricane ZiraEdit

While many endless fights have been occurring from up and down all around Gara, a Massive Hurricane, would later show up to plague the entire Catskill Mountain region. The storm was known as Zira. Zira Had come up unexpectedly, mostly due to both The Earth's Axis, as well as the Effects of the United Nazi War in New England that was known to be speading up the flow of Hurricanes in the Western Hemisphere. The Battle of Gara Hill along with much of the Upstate New York Region, althought not in Hurricane season, were the first to have war during a Massive Hurricane, with zero shelter.

The storm would leave a large total of about 40-50,000 dead, mostly due to lack of shelters, in the region. After Zira, the battle continued on, even after the numbers were devestated. The battle on Gara Hill would last for another 23 days, until the events of Operation G Valor.

Ruins of Carcus Town Edit

Main article: Fall of Carcus Town

Fall of Carcus TownEdit

Before the Invasion of Carcus Town the city had already become a target by the Luftwaffe, in which caused a large state of panic within both the air raid and the Ground War, that was not far out.

Many civilians were evacuated across Lake Ontario, and into Canada. During the Evac, the Luftwaffe began to pick out the ferries one ship at a time, the Luftwaffe even attempted to bomb the shores of Ontario Canada, by destroying any Canadian transports in Ontario, but the attempt was thwarted due to 21st century Anti Aircraft guns and Fighter Jets in which would later force the Luftwaffe into wihdrawing from Canadian Air Space and continuing there attacks on the New York side, realizing that they can no longer hit the Canadian side.

Some citizens that were left behind were quickly put too work, by strengthening the defenses and fortified structures, within the streets of Carcus Town including women and children.

The burden of the initial defense of the city fell at Reaper Street, in Eastern Gorgon City, despite heavy resistance withing the streets. Despite this, and with no support available from other units, the AA gunners stayed at their posts and took on the advancing panzers. that were moving towards the heart of the city/ The German North Army reportedly had to fight the The U.A.B.F. gunners "shot for shot" until all 37 anti-aircraft guns were destroyed or overrun, around the city ruins.

The North Army however was shocked to find that, due to U.A.B.F. forces running scarce throughout the entire region, as well as manpower shortages, it had been fighting female soldiers.

For a short time, tanks continued to be bought online by Military, but due too the skies belonging now to the Germans, the Tranport aircraft that were carrying there orders had too be escorted by Canadian fighter jets, some had too even come in from the North which made the trip take even longer to make.

Occupation of Carcus TownEdit

Operation Gradossa Carcus Town

Germans tear Carcus Town apart in Search for the English Singer Brenda Kylie... in 2011.

After occupying both Gorgon City, and Harris Ridge, the Germans made there way towards Carcus Town, that was located about only 12 miles away. While en route the SS army used a newly constructed highway that was created by the United States in order to move vehicles quicker throughout the Catskill mountains.

The highway later came under Nazi Germany's control as they used it too move their Heavy Armor passed the rugged terrain and into Carcus Town.

After about 3 hours the North Army breached the Outskirts defenses of the City and advance into Carcus Town claiming about one block after another.

The U.A.B.F. later grabbed a hold of Brenda Kylie and attended to get her out of the city, and have her escape into Canada, where most of the cities residents had fled hours earlier.

The Germans began to tear down the city a block at a time from all directions, while searching for the British singer, these acts of aggression would later spread fear throughout every fan militia in the United States.

The Germans roamed everywhere throughout the ruined city, dealing with only small skirmishes within the streets.

Many citizens that were left in the city who were unable to escape the country in time were captured by Nazi Germany, and interrogated demanding to know the location of the English singer, those who spoke up, were let go, but those who refused would be sent to New England, where they would never leave the country and spent the rest of there time in a Nazi Death camp.

Despite these multiple warnings, no one spoke of the location, which caused them too be transported by truck into New England, but U.A.B.F guerrilla tactics prevented the citizens from leaving Carcus Town, and aided them into either escaping into Canada, or fighting along side them.

Brenda Kylie EscapesEdit

While taunting the city, The SS continued to suffer several guerilla tactics from U.A.B.F snipers in the ruins of the city.

U.A.B.F' s Snipers managed to Pin down a large Group of SS Invaders At Ignition Square, the Heart of the city.

According to a German officer Fegelein, Himmlar, and a large group of SS assaulted the ruins of the destroyed Concert area located at Hord Street, chasing Brenda down into the Sewers below.

Confident of Operation Gradossa being thier last engagement on U.S. Soil the Germans split up in various directions taking different routes throughout the city expanding there search.

Heinrich Himmler and a large group of German Soldiers scouted around the remains of the destroyed Concert area where Brenda Kylie was performing before the attack. From here, Himmler orderss the Germans to attack a ware house where the U.A.B.F took her for refuge.

However their element of Surprise doesn't last very long after Fegelein trips and fires a shot into the sky giving away the German's position.

A large shoot out erupted around the concert area after the incident, allowing the U.A.B.F. to move Brenda Kylie into the sewers where they planned on getting her out of the downtown area and moved towards Yara airport, located about 24 blocks west of the Concert location, and has not yet come under German control.

However the shootout began too turn in German favor, and the SS began to invade the wear house forcing Brenda's protectors too let her go on her own, as they tried to stop the Germans from occupying the where house.

Brenda Kylie managed to escape back into the streets and carefully make her way passed dozens of German Armored Patrols, but A German soldier spotted her as she descended into the sewers.

The SS pursued by moving around the ruins while Tiger Tanks were doing countless patrols around the streets, but the SS would not move on until the ware house had been fully occupied and cleansed of all U.A.B.F. Presence

After the fall of the ware house, the great pursue of the English sing commenced. Nazi forces managed to enter the sewers, following her path through the tunnels.

She managed to make it into a narrow corridor causing the German search parties to spread out in confusion.

Though she manages to avoid all other patrols, It wasn't long before she ran into Fegelein who held her at gun point with his MP40, Stating that she is under arrest under the orders of Adolf Hitler for attacking their forces on the 8th, of November.

As soon as Fegelein is about to arrest her, Brenda leads Fegelein into the corridor where she attempted to retreat and over powers the master of antics by tricking and pushing him into the water below. Brenda after staring for a couple of seconds managed to escape the sewers, as soon as Fegelein was brought out of the water by Himmler, and quickly made her way to the air port while being escorted by the United Alliance of Brenda Fans.

Brenda boarder a stand by Jet, and was ready to take off when the Airport came under attack by German forces, although the attack was literally repelled the U.A.B.F urged the singer to leave the Nation before reinforcements can arrive.

Brenda Kylie's Jet eventually became Air born just as the Air Port fell under German Control forcing the U.A.B.F to flee into the ruins of the city.

Aftermath Edit

Though A Fascists victory against the entire region, that led to a successful Occupation of the U.A.B.F Home city of Carcus Town, News quickly spread through out the Soldiers all over the Occupied regions stating that Brenda Kylie has escaped the Master of Antics causing the 2 and a half day operation to become a strategic failure.

The failure of Operation Gradossa due to Fegelein's antics furified the German Invaders, and caused the entire United Nazi War to Expand preventing any soldiers from leaving the United States to return home to Germany.

The SS began to put pressure on the people of Carcus Town in hopes of finding her again, but were unsuccessful.

Roughly 2 days after Carcus Town's fall and the failure of Operation Gradossa, A large disastrous bombing was initiated at Termite Ave 2 on November 26th, 2011 against the German occupiers. The brutal bombing run by Brenda Kylie's agent and the American Resistance who were known to be from Michigan and elsewhere in the country, hid the bomb in a large wagon as a large German legion was marching through the shattered streets, the Bomb exploded leaving a grand total of about 532 soldiers dead at Termite Ave In Carcus Town, The brutal aggression of the Bombing would cause the War to expand into regions farther Inland of the United States, eventually leading up to a new offensive against Michigan.

Trivia Edit

  • Operation Gradossa bared a Strong Resemblance too Stalingrad in 1942. The Nazi forces considered this Operation, of re livin the passed of the Second World War on the Eastern Front...
  • Despite being outnumbered, Saw Hill Was able too hold against multiple attacks from the SS mostly due too 21st Century Guns, and Equipment...
  • This was the first and only official operation to ever occur in the Carcus Town Area...
  • Gradossa was known to be the only War engagement in the United Nazi War featurin the United Alliance of Brenda's Fans and United Fans of Nero working together in order to guard a certain point...
  • It was discovered that more Tanks and Infantry were used by the Germans during the Gradossa Offensive than Air Planes, although in the briefing Stage in Episode Brenda Kylie's Fate, it is revealed that FW's are in a portrait, stating that Air Power might have been used during Gradossa as well, and were just known to have been sighted off Screen, in another portion of the Field, it was eventually discovered that the Planes were present during the Operation and were hammering Carcus Town at the time of the Operation's opening before the Germans entered the city on November 21st 2011, explaining the reason on why its in ruins...
  • The SS Invasion of Carcus Town was Theorized as the most destructive event on US Soil, following the Burning of Washington DC in 1813, until it was surpassed by German Offensive against Washington DC in the year 2012...
  • The largest portion of German Troops in all of New England, were said to have been engaged during this event, which left most of the cities and states in Occupied New England vulnerable for a resistance attack, it is unknown why this attack never occurred, although it was possible that the Operation being short lasting only 2 days, would no longer give any American Resistance fighters time to organize and uprise against the SS...
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