Operation Kittredge
German forces Invadeing Michigan
Date: November 26th, 2011 - November 29th, 2011
Conflict: United Nazi War
Region: Northern Michigan U.S.A
Status: E.P./U.S. & K.L. Victory...
  • Nazi Germany pushed out of Michigan...
  • Small legion of the United States Military finally arrives back to the Home front...
  • Germans become overwhelmed...
Season: Winter


Operation Kittridge known to Americans as the Invasion of North Michgian, was a major engagment in Northern Michigan. It was the first major battle too occur Deep inside the United States. The Operation was done in an attempt too arrest Kara Leina for aiding and launching a coordinating Terroist attack on German solders at Termite Ave 3 days back. The Operation ended in failure after the SS were blocked for several times by the E.P. 

Despite the failure of Operation Kittridge, the Germans continued too launch the Operation Into there affect in hopes that taking over Michigan would force less pressure in Upstate New York as well as the rest of New England. Nazi Germany eventually learned of the staging area of both the E.P and United Alliance, at Vara Grove on November 29th, and launched an attack in an attempt too crush both alliances in one single blow, the United Alliance crumbled after Carl Rivera was killed in the attack, but Echo Park escaped the onslaught and retreated South bound towards Liberal Town.

The war than dropped South bound towards Liberal Town where the Germans would be Slaughtered after an unexpected attack, followed by a shocking arrival of United States forces that had returned from Afghanistan. The Germans were eventually outnumbered and forced out of North Michigan and back into Upstate New York by November 30th, 2011

Prelude Edit

New SS Freedom DayEdit

After the failure of Operation Gradossa due to Fegelein's antics, and a brutal bombing run by Brenda Kylie and the American Resistance leaving a grand total of about 532 soldiers dead at Termite Ave In Carcus Town, Nazi Germany enraged at this type of aggression tracks the attack all the way too Michigan where a large and devestating attack will take place on a state that lies across 2 of the Great Lakes, one of them being Ontario, the other Being Hunrun the next state too suffer the war would be Michigan.

Nazi Invasion Edit

Occupation of Toru FieldsEdit

Without warning On November 26th, a 20 man German squad managed to cross the Great lakes of both Ontario and Hunrun, landing at the beach of Keel, where they were soon given a Half Track, and a Volkswagen Kübelwage in order for the Squads to increase their speed while moving up through Michigan's heavily grassy, hill, and wooded terrains. Nazi Germany Despite the rough terrain Germany used the sounds of hunting rifles that were being heard from right across the field, in order too locate the hunters in the fields of Toru, just 4 miles from Cincinnati City, the home town of Kit Kittredge.

After clearing the entire field, of anything that is human, the Germans later came under fire by United Alliance forces in which counter attacked attempting too drive back the small Nazi force, but the attack fails missrably due too the Germans being heavily armed and supported by a half track while in the process. 20 minutes after the Nazi main force arrived a shore and the whole field of Toru became Nazi Germany's main beach head in Michigan with Cincinnati City now being only 4 miles away.

Fall of Cincinnati CityEdit

Fall of Cincinnati City

American Inland forces retreat from Cincinnati City while under heavy fire from Nazi JU-87 Stuka Dive Bombers on November 27th, 2011, during the Opening hours of Operation Kittredge...

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Kara Leina was interrupted while in the middle of a school project with all of her friends by the principle of Cincinnati High, asking for her to leave the lower school and come to the principle's office of the High School on the upper school. Kara arrives only to find out that her 27 year old Non-blood related brother Nolan Ross was waiting and looking in his most foulest moods.

Kara is told that he has been slacking off and that he had failed the test that she had been teaching him all night.

She is out raged stating to her friends in the tree house that she was so angry, she nearly exploded out of rage.

Her conversation with her friends is cut short by the sounds of loud marching that is coming towards the tree house. They are shocked to see the Nazi's entering the town occupying it one block at a time driving away the United State's Michigan Inland Army within minutes, Jordan L Miller himself was also presumed KIA from a tank shell.

Before the Germans had a chance to snatch Kara she escapes and heads into the mountains with all of her friends and her older brother.

While attempting to leave Michigan the German Advance is stalled by the forces of Echo Park who managed to wipe out a high number of tanks and troops from the High ground.

Kara's Escape Edit

After Kara escaped, her brother and father rallied up at an old run down town known as Vara Grove , about 20 Miles from Gale Town, where they were planning on figuring out where to transport Kara for her safety.

Their planning is soon interrupted by the Germans who trespassed into the town in search for them.

By that time both the E.P and United Alliance forces ambushed the Germans when they reached a certain street and began to kill a great number of them, but the Germans returned reinforced and became supported by both an MG.42 and Panzerschreck.

After gaining a huge advantage in clearing the town one building at a time, Kara's father is mortally wounded by the blast of the Panzerschreck, and is just about to escape to 2091riveraisrael's position, only to get shot by a German.

The Liberal AttackEdit

It wasn't long before Nolan Ross sent the telegram to Gail town where Kara Is enraged over the death of her father and began a massive plan of Revenge.

On the same day of her fathers death, the Germans were marching through Liberal Town, Kara Leina, Nolan Ross, Brenda Kylie's agent, and a mixture of Teenagers attack the Germans showing no quarter and bringing complete and utter shock throughout the ranks.


Operation G. ValorEdit

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