Operation Von Dale
Operation Von Dale 2012
Date: January 1st, 2012 - January 23rd, 2012
Conflict: United Nazi War
Region: Southern Michigan, U.S.A
Status: Unknown... (Possible Nazi Victory)
  • Echo Park Scattered all of the Place...
  • Hollow Hill Overrun...
  • Nolan Ross Vanishes without a Trace...
Ground Status Unknown... Possible German Victory
Operation: Von Dale
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Operation Von Dale was known as the Second German Michigan Campaign and also the major Destiny to the Rapid Power wielded by Nolan Ross who was known to be captured and brought to Nazi Germany for interrogation on the Rapid Power's creation and how it worked, in the opening days of 2012.

This battle was known to be the most destructive battle to Echo Park and Nazi Germany combined, and was also known to be the most largest in Michigan, followed in response to the Northern Invasion a year earlier in 2011.

Prelude Edit

Just a couple of Weeks after the Liberation of Tyrus by the United States Military, Hitler goes into a rant for the forces of the United Nations interfering with their search for Brenda Kylie, and than sinks into his chair knowing that the whole reason their losing the war is due to lack of Modern Weaponry and and Vehicles of the Century of today.

Gunsche returns and mentions a new type of Super Weapon, known as the Rapid Power owned and Wiled by 2091riveraisrael. Hitler Abandons his search for Brenda Kylie and now plans to search for the Rapid Power so he can combine it with his pencil of Doom and re name it the Rapid 47 of Sonic Destruction.

January 1st, 2012, It is a new year in the Nazi Occupied states, the war continues to rage all over Upstate New York turning the once beautiful jungles into the hottest side of hell. Though the Nazi's appear to be gaining ground Hitler sends Himmler back to the US in an attempt to capture Nolan Ross who is hiding somewhere in Michigan.

The SS begin to stage a plan in an attempt to send forces behind the U.S, Canadian, and Japanese lines to the west, It was decided that they would send the Luftwaffe to scout the regions and pound them defenses with bombs if Necessary.

Battle Edit

Airstrike Edit

Main article: Hollow Hill Raid

The Germans eventually found 2091riveraisrael's main HQ for Echo Park located on Hollow Hill.

The area was heavily bombed by endless waves of Ju-87's and was reduced into a state of ruble, after the first wave condemned a success the Stuka's returned to Upstate N.Y. where they launched hundreds more including fighter bombers.

A large scale air bombardment began to rip the entire base apart one building at a time... The Echo Park proved to be poorly prepared for aerial bombardment.

Not much is known however on how the Ju-87's managed to make it all the way to Hollow Hill on January 1st, of 2012, and bomb the hell out of the area.

It might have been the fact that the Allies weren't in the vicinity at the time, or it could have also been the fact that the Bombers were hidden in the clouds, the where abuts on how the 2 air raids on Hollow hill was is Unknown.

Siege of Gale DorvaEdit

Main article: Siege of Gale Dorva

12 days have past since the Himmler's two air raids on Hollow Hill. Int ital attack was all over the hill top and devastating.

While 2091riveraisrael was sitting back on his seat listening to the band Linkin Park he couldn't help but worry, Nazi Germany has found him, But as the Germans were mobilizing to break through the allied lines and reach Michigan again, there was one thing that they hadn't counted on.

2091 fought back with all of Echo Park, starting first on A German Recon ship the NNS Kuno, off the coast of United Region Michigan in Lake Hunrun, causing the ship to get invaded and grounded. 4 hours after the attack on the Kuno, Hitler responded back by sending A Land Recon Squad that consists of a Truck escorted by a Motorcycle on the Keira fields.

They were met once again in the snowy fields attacked by another Echo
War at Aerial Fields

Echo Park push Germans to Aerial Fields 3 miles from Dale Gorva...

Park Group that was sent to scout out the entire region, but managed to get a hold of the German patrol coming in. The attack however was coordinated by 2091riveraisrael to be a Raid for fire arms, that were being transported in the truck, in case of U.A.B.F. Attack or Echo Park After the success of both raids, It was stated by one of Echo Park's
German Counter attack... January 16th, 2012

German reinforcements arrive to break the Siege Of Gale Dorva...

troops that these raids were done for something big that was about to come up 4 days from now.

4 Days have passed and We find ourselves once again in Upstate New York, In the Airfield Gal Dorva, the very airfield that unleashed both air raids on hollow Hill 14 days ago.

Echo Park launch a surprise attack on the Nazi Airfield laying siege to the base. Despite their initial success the Germans despite being pushed back in the hands of hand to hand fighting, gained reinforcements and counter attacked the Echo Park forces forcing Echo Park into retreat back across Lake Onteraio and Lake Hunrun and back to Michigan.

Hitler stated that an army large enough was now ready to smash through the allied lines and despite the United States Military being more modern, than they were 67 years ago during the second World War II.

Fall of SegaEdit

Main article: Fall of Sega

5 days have passed since the failed Assault on Gale Dorva. With a large bulk of Echo Park dead, and large amounts scattered across Upstate N.Y. 2091riveraisrael is later forced to move his forces back to Michigan as quickly as possible. Fortunately his surviving forces managed to make back home without a single shot being fired, except for the ones still in Upstate New York.

The exhausted Echo Park are unable to rest after learning on CNN, that the SS Managed to control a United States military airfield and hijack an AWACS, aircraft.

By taking this successful 21st Century jet plane, the Germans were able to hide their movements and sneak a large Invasion force pass allied lines, through the State of Illinois and into Southern Michigan, about 5 miles from the Town of Sega. 2091riveraisrael orders the surviving Echo Park to Attack and occupy Sega, in an attempt to establish a road block for German entry back into Michigan.

A large ground engagement began to unleash on the Hills of Sierra, in Southern Michigan for complete control of Sega.

While there is a major battle going on in the hills, 2091riveraisrael is later reported that the Linkin Park Fan of War has eventually reached Sega, and orders an all out attack with all forces hoping to destroy the small SS resistance keeping watch on the town, and establish a Blocking area.

At one point the Sega managed to fall to Echo Park but something wrong started to trigger within 2091riveraisrae;l's mind. "IT'S A TRAP!!" In just a couple of Hours the German main force arrived, and attack Echo Park pushing them out of Sega and back into the Sierra hills.

2091riveraisrael desperate orders all of the tanks that he has ordered from Military, to advance and try and reclaim Sega. Despite the heroic counter attack done by Echo Park it never prevailed.

Battle of Tartarus FieldsEdit

Main article: Tartarus Campaign

Battle of Hollow HillEdit

Main article: Battle of Hollow Hill (United Nazi War)
20180705230516 1

EP militia entrenched on the hills fending off against the Germans, while under heavy fire from German tanks and Artillery, on January 23rd, 2012...

After the failure at Sega the Germans pushed their attack deeper into Southern Michigan heading North, towards Hollow Hill that was known to be 20 miles away. Echo Park forces began to establish defensive positions all around the hill and hopped that their major Strength Defense, would at least gain an advantage in their failing Operation. With their final lines of Defense in Nero Forest, and Tartarus Fields, Echo Park began to hold Nero as the SS Began to enter one legion at a time.

They managed to hold out a couple of hours but eventually became overrun, and were later forced to withdraw, to the final line of defense at Tartarus Fields.

20180705230150 1

German forces surround Hollow Hill, as the hill starts to become pounded with Artillery and tank Bombardments on January 23rd 2012...

Another major battle went on in the field, despite the many causalities to the SS, Hitler continued to throw more and more reserves, from Sega into the fight causing Echo Park on the field to use up all of their ammunition and retreat back to Hollow hill which was known to be only 2 miles North of their position.

With their last line of defense smashed, Echo Park began to cowar dropping their guns running for the hills, while some were still willing to stay behind and hold of the SS. 2091riveraisrael later did his final video Webcam from his room in his house stating that the Rapid Power was no longer with him, but with his little sister Kara Leina.

Despite his approval in letting some of Echo Park go, the refused it and continued to fight the Germans as they advanced up the hill and attacked. A major battle took place right infront of 2091riveraisrael's house, between Echo Park and German infantry.

Tanks that were approaching from the West were blocked off from a single battery that was bought on Military Fire Arms.Net, but the East side crumbled allowing the Panzer tanks to enter the Hill top shelling everything in their path.

The battle got so intense that after a Tiger Tank got destroyed everything went black... Leaving the where a bouts of who won, and 2091riveraisrael's fate unknown...

Aftermath Edit

Trivia Edit

  • Operation Von Dale was a Parody to Operation Gara of Axis 7...
  • Operation Von Dale, Was known to beat the Other Operations, as well as being the Longest one ever Carried out in the early months of the United Nazi War, Operation Gradossa, being 2 days, Operation Kittredge being 4 days, and Operation Von Dale being 22 Days...
  • Though Operation Von Dale Took place directly In Southern Michigan, only one Attack would take place in Upstate New York...
  • Operation Von Dale, would be the second, and final engagement, conducted against Michigan, no other battle was conducted in Michigan at the end of of Von Dale in 2012...