Siege of Gale Dorva
Gale Dorva Under Siege
Date: January 12th, 2012 - January 16th, 2012
Conflict: United Nazi War
  • Michigan
  • Upstate New York
Status: Nazi Victory...
  • Gale Dorva Silenced for at least 3 weeks...
  • E.P forces weakened and Scattered all over Upstate New York...
  • Germans mobilize an advance force to Invade Michigan...
Operation: Futile
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Operation Futile, also known too the E.P as The Siege of Gale Dorva, was a failed operation that was conducted by Nolan Ross in an addition to halting Operation Von Dale, and also an attempt to bring the War to Nazi Germany.

The E.P confident, and well armed, after a successful raid on both a Ship, and a large Truck Patrol in the fields of Keira about 6 miles from the Shores of the now frozen Lake Hunrun, began their Siege on the Airfield drawing a large bulk of the Germans out, and trapping them right in their own airfield.

After another crushing counterattack the Germans fled from Gale Dorva and into the fields of Aerial, where another heavy battle was going on. Despite his success in capturing the Airfield the Siege was later broken by German Reinforcements forcing the E.P to retreat, This battle was known as the worst blow in the Echo Park Arsenal.

Prelude Edit

Raid on KunoEdit

The Kuno

The Kuno on Patrol In Lake Hunrun On January 13th 2012...

Main article: Raid on Hunrun

12 days after the 2 Air raids on Hollow Hill done by Heinrich Himmler, Nolan Ross placed the entire hill including region on high alert, and over watching, believing that the Germans were invading Michigan a second time.

While securing
Germans Defending Kuno

Germans defending the Kuno from Echo Park Ambush...

the region, Nolan Ross send out recon patrols in every direction from north, south, east, and west. By 4:00pm a scouting party reported by cellphone that a German boat known as the NNS Kuno has just entered lake Hunrun and is located just outside the shores of Michigan.

Nolan, knowing that it was a German recon squad ordered the E.P into the area where the patrol was located in order to attack the Kuno. The Germans not knowing of the attack began to drift closer to the land just as Nolan had predicted. When the tide brought the boat close enough the E.P attacked from the shore line.

The boat armed with about 12 guards and about 4 MG.42's on the deck managed to fend off at least some of the E.P on the shore line but had a hard time seeing anyone in the trees, despite killing a large number of Machine gunners on the shore line. The Kuno was so occupied shooting at the E.P. 

L.F.O.W firing from Michigan Shore...

Echo Park forces firing from the Shoreline...

forces on the coastline, that they were unaware of a flanking force coming to them by motor boat.
Motor Boat Attack

Motor Boat flanking forces draw German MG.42's away from the Shoreline...

The MG.42 nests on the boat were soon wiped out by a group of E.P rifle men on the shoreline, and another from the incoming motor boat to the south.

The Kuno attempted to sail away and retreat back east and exit lake Hunrun, so that they will be unable to be followed, but the man manning the helm of the ship was shot by an E.P sniper on the shoreline.

With the Kuno now unmanned, the ship was instead steaming straight towards the ground where it hit the shore grounding the vessel allowing the Shoreline E.P to board the ship, while the flanking force on the motor boat was getting the attention of the German soldiers on board.

The Germans were later surrounded and were forced to surrender, where they were transported by Yacht to Carcus Town for POW's to the U.A.B.F after the Kuno attack the E.P began to loot the ship of inlet and ammunition for one of the fans said that something big was about to go down. After this attack Nolan Ross has initiated Operation Futile.

Raid of KeiraEdit

Main article: Keira Raid
Patrols At Keira

E.P Patrol in the Fields of Keira waiting for German Patrol to arrive...

4 hours after the raid on the Kuno the E.P returned to Hollow Hill with the Intel. Nolan Ross now knew what the Germans were planning to do, and like it is stated above devised an Operation that will stop the Germans Second Invasion of Michigan, even if it means bringing the war to them was unleashed.

With that Nolan sent The Patrols out again this time to look out from the shorelines just in case the Germans would send another ship on Lake Hunrun, surprisingly, they never did.

By noon the Temperature dropped below freezing, making the water ways half Frozen into thin Ice, making it impossible to maneuver patrols on Lake Hunrun by ship. Hitler later planned to send over a truck Patrol that would cross the Frozen lakes and into Southern Michigan.

The Truck would be escorted by about 16 Soldiers, a Motorcycle, and was known to be supplied with a large bulk of ammunition that will be able to last for days.

Nolan had managed to discover the Truck's location by watching the truck m
Truck Patrol

German Tuck and Motorcycle enter the Keira Fields in the Ambush Zone...

ove behind a reporter who she did not realize until it was too later, and watching the truck enter the Icy solid surface of Lake Ontario on CNN and ordered a patrol into the Keira fields. A Field that was known to be about 6 miles from the shore of Lake Hunrun.

By late afternoon after a long drive through the thick snow, The German Truck managed to reach from the occupied Cartel Hill to Lake Hunrun with helps of short passage ways through the Woods and mountains making the trip less long. Meanwhile a patrol that was sent to scout the Keira fields later received word of the Trucks crossing over lake Hunrun, giving them an opportunity to ambush it and take the ammunition to supply the E.P while their supplies on guns, were known to be running short.

After the truck and motorcycle finally arrived on the Keira fields, the ambush began, starting first with the Motorcycle gunner, than later the driver himself. screen capture 2012-5-19-18-24-58

German soldier armed with an MP40 fights off the E.P Ambush in the A.Zone...

While the firefight took part, a group of Germans managed to take shelter in the snow, but the ones that were able to make it outta of the truck were known to be easy targets for Snipers. With the Germans losing steam in defending the truck, the driver attempts to move the truck and escape the fire fight, only to reveal a soldier firing from right underneath. With one clear shot from an E.P Sniper a bullet pierced the soldier's forehead.

The Driver now beginning to lose control of his own vehicle gets the tires stuck in the snow not being able to go anywhere, finally after the rest of the E.P overran the truck they shot the driver and the one that attempted to escape on foot, and managed to salvage all of the Ammunition and guns.

6 Hours later the supplies were brought back to Hollow Hill where Nolan Ross had fulfilled the last goal in his plan and now decided to put Operation Futile into a complete and Hostile effect against the SS.

Preparations Completed Edit


After the successful Raids on both the NNS Kuno, and the Truck Patrol 3 days ago, a large Echo Park Fan organization gathered at Hollow Hill with about forces up to about 40,000 thousands militia in strength and arms, ready to take on anything in their path.

Nolan Ross looking very pleased on his accomplishments that he has made in the past 3 day, was now determined, to attack German territory and attempt to stop the future planned German Blitz of Southern Michigan.

Matters got even better when Nolan Ross later discovered that the package of Planning equipment and a large bulk of War maps, from the American Revolution, to the American Civil War, and even to the Second World War Eras, purchased from Military has finally arrived in the mail without any signs of bombing from the German Luftwaffe. It was revealed that Nolan was able to purchase this equipment from a local friend that he knows who use to work in the military before retiring in 1974, during the Vietnam Conflict. The whereabouts of Nolan's friend are unknown and has proved to be rather mysterious, as he was never heard nor mention again after this one encounter.

With time and Operations commencing, the E.P began plans to begin the large attack on Nazi Germany, at Upstate New York, where they planned a brief Invasion of their airfield of Gale Dorva, in response of their first Invasion of Michigan back in November 2011.

The plan was thought of by Nolan Ross and was divided by 3 phases.

Phase IEdit

The first wave would arrive in Upstate New York in disguise as Yugoslavian religious sells, who will be secretly armed with, guns hidden in their robes. They will meet at the gates of Gale Dorva, where the Germans would be bound to either let em pass or go in guns blazing.

If let pass the E.P would make their way passed the gate and unleash a hellish firefight amongst the German forces in the area clearing the way for the main E.P attack force that is waiting outside.

If the Disguise E.P gets stalled at the gate, they would use a fake dead body trick that would lore the Germans to it allowing him or her to shoot and caused the rest to join in there by attacking and occupying the gate ways, opening up the road for the rest of the E.P to move through towards the airfield.

Phase IIEdit

After Gate is occupied Disguise E.P will get rid of their disguises and join the fight in attacking the Airfield ahead.

One force will move to secure the radio station to prevent the Germans from calling for help from the East, while another would destroy grounded aircraft with the use of both MG.42's and anti aircraft guns that are stationed all over the field.

The third squad will advance and occupy the main Head Quarters destroying all plans of documents and future plans that the SS Have in mind for their Operations in the U.S, After these Tactics are completed a fourth group will push the Germans out of the airfield and trap them in the fields of Aerial.

Phase IIIEdit

On the Aerial Fields the E.P will establish high ground in the hills and defend the area with MG.42's until the Nolan Ross will be able to coordinate the Airfield to one of Brenda Kylie's lawyers for his forces to arrive and take control of the Airfield, giving the U.A.B.F their first major airfield since their founding.

Two Groups will be on the flat lands fighting with guns while another Two will be firing from the High grounds with MG.42's. Another group will remain to defend the airfield if things should go wrong on the field.

The final group would defend the river from Attacking Germans to secure a way back to Lake Ontario after the Siege. If Victory is well assured the E.P defending the road to Lake Ontario will strengthen the lines of defense on the Aerial fields preventing any German counter attack where Nolan will arrive by Helicopter into the field and call Brenda Kylie giving her the green light to establish her foot hole on the airfield.

Operation Futile InitiatedEdit

After plans were made by Nolan Ross, the E.P put Operation Futile into an effect, and began to March east along with several trucks that were captured from the SS back in 2011.

With their strength to about 10,000 fans, it was later stated that this large forces would be able to take the airfield as well as pierce all the way to Manhattan Island herself, but even Nolan ROss had doubts on the whereabouts of a certain attack like that, for to him it was considered to be impossible, When the E.P come outta of the airfield and deeper into the Nazi Occupied Areas, they would be under fire from German forces and artillery from all over the state, and overwhelmed as well, even if the United States showed up in support from central Upstate New York, they would have to break through the German souther lines before they could support his forces, by that time they will be supporting a grave yard.

After reaching lake Hunrun the E.P crossed the frozen lake and entered the Gambler region area, in Canada, where they rested for a few hours than continued across Lake Ontario and into Upstate New York, where they reached Gale Dorva's main field in about 10 hours.

After reaching the field the E.P did as plan and split their forces in 5 Separate groups and the Disguise group began to change into their Yugoslavian religious cell Uniforms from behind the thick brush of the bushes and afterwards the Disguise group made their way to the Gate while the rest of the E.P remained in hiding, waiting, and watching.

Attack on Gale DorvaEdit

Siege BeginsEdit

The Plan worked out fine when the Disguised E.P arrived at the Gate, It was just as Nolan Ross had screen capture 2012-5-12-19-4-29.png

E.P Disguise as Yugoslavian Religious group at the gates of the Gale Dorva Airfield...

predicted, The Germans were falling for them, and surprisingly they were also speaking English for the first time since their founding in 1933.

At first one of the guards was about to allow them entry into the Occupied region but was stopped by his commanding officer who said "Wait a minute!". He walked up to the group and asked him straight in his face "What Village are you from?" the disguise E.P answered by naming a random Yugoslavian village, "Kugokumo sir, the village just down the road from he-" he was later cut off by the German officer stating that he knows where the village is. He also knew that these people were not right for they were in the United States and Not in Yugoslavia.

Their conversation was later cut short when the Officer walked over to one of their captured trucks to inspect them and hopes of not finding any firearms, that they are smuggling into their territory, but as soon as he opened the coffin, he was shot by the fake dying E.P who let lose the signal and the attack began.

The E.P through their disguises to the ground and began to overpower the gate shooting anything in their path, as well as destroying ground vehicles in the vicinity.

After occupying the gate E.P began to push into the Barracks of the outpost clearing out the Germans in the soldiers quarters and destroying a radio room on the other side of the river, sending the Germans running towards the communications post that was known to be the last room in the gate post.

The Communication post armed with MG.42's and MG.34's began to cripple some of the E.P advance, but were l screen capture 2012-5-12-19-6-29

E.P attack Gale Dorva Airfield on January 16th, 2012...

ater annihilated when the 2nd group of E.P forces attacked the flanks and began to overrun the entire communication post.

After the communication post has fallen the entire gate was occupied and now was now under Echo Park control.

After the successful attack on the gate Group 3 was already keeping the Germans occupied by chasing the ones that fled the area all the way back to the airfield ahead, where another large firefight broke out in the fuel depot.

Despite many bullets firing around and hitting large tanks, the fuel was known to be well sealed preventing any further explosion from occurring and annihilating both sides.

The SS began to receive support from Halftracks, which began to stop the E.P advance around the office area, but before the E.P had a chance to withdraw their forces Groups 2-5 arrived and counter attacked hitting the SS Lines hard and breaking through with no problem at all, while up to 17 of their Half Tracks were destroyed as well in the process of the charge.

By winning at the fuel depot the E.P than entered the airfield and began to split in 3 groups and began to take the airfield as Nolan Ross had planned before the attack.

The Germans now brutally terrified began to call for help on the radios but each time they tried communications were always cut off by E.P Mortar fire from the distance, as well as the destruction of radio towers that were around the airfield as well that was done by E.P demolition parties.

With the E.P now gaining the upper hand in the Siege and the SS now becoming heavily overrun from all sides, began to retreat outta of the airfield and into the fields of Aerial, where the E.P's fourth group was in hot pursuit just as planned. while the war began to shift into the fields the E.P began to destroy much of the airfield including the fuel tanks that shot smoke and flames so far up that you can see them all the way from Main. With the Germans eastern air forces lost with about over 120 planes destroyed all over the field, groups 1-3 joined Group 4 in the aerial fields while Group 5 looked after the airfield and would also try to get a hold of Brenda Kylie taking refuge in England and outta harms way from Nazi Germany.

The war later began to thrive again on the E.P's favor and as planned they managed to take defenses on both high and low grounds all over the region. They were even able to steal a couple of German artillery guns from the field and turning them against their own troops.

By late dusk the MG.42's were now ready and willing, and the low defenses awaited for the Germans to attack as they had planned, little do they know that they are about to be caught in the fires of the most hottest side of hell.

German ReinforcementsEdit

Wall Formation

German forces use their new infantry formation to advance on weakened E.P forces...

With a clear shot the Germans arrived to try and reclaim the airfield. After a large engagement on Aerial fields the E.P managed to repel about up to 4 different German attacks, but reserves for the E.P was now starting to become scarce, and the temperature was now dropping far below freezing, causing the exhausted E.P to take shelter in the airfield, while the groups on the high grounds had to build fires and even fire their MG.42's with their hand on the barrel just to keep them warm.

Around 10:21Pm a large snow storm than hit the region, and began to cover everything in a thick layer of ice, but this type of weather was still not enough to keep the E.P from their victory. after up to an hour, the storm cleared and the icy slowly began to shrink revealing the grass below. The exhausted E.P now rested after their hours of fighting began to return to their defenses positions.

The Germans on the other hand, had something special in mind for the E.P and began to amass a large quality of armored vehicles and Infantry unites in Standford Heights, to the East, and without a certain budge they sent a small infantry unit out too attack the E.P where their ground defenses
German Counter attack... January 16th, 2012

German reinforcements arrive to break the Siege of Gale Dorva...

would have to charge at them in order to attack them when they are close enough. After they charge, the Germans would later send in their main strength and break through the E.P Lines and reclaim the airfield.

By 11:00PM the Germans attacked the E.P positions again and as planned drew them out for the charge, after their charge. The Germans Without warning unleashed their counter attack with Panzer tanks and about 100,000 Infantry who managed to catch the E.P By complete and utter surprise.

Despite having well entrenched positions and several stolen anti Tank batteries, the Germans proved to be more Superior, and managed to crush half of the the lower lines while the tanks began to shell the High grounds forcing the soldiers with the MG.42's to abandon their position and back to the airfield.

Nolan Ross who was not able to get a full report to Brenda Kylie was later abandoned when he soon found out that the SS were counter attacking an that his forces were being swept away by the crushing counterattack. He ordered the E.P to hold the airfield but it was no use.

E.P RetreatEdit

L.F.O.W Retreat

E.P retreat from Gale Dorva...

The E.P now beginning to weaken, began to create a large line of defense.

The defense line stretched from the Airfield all the way to the gate, in the shape of a U. The Germans began to attack them on all sides, and despite their heavy casualties the E.P was unable to repel this attack.

Finally after many dying by the thousands, the E.P began a huge retreat abandoning the airfield and back to the ruins of the gate.

The E.P began a huge retreat back to their trucks while a large garrison was left behind to hold the advancing the Germans back from reaching the Evac site, but some of the garrisons of Echo Park, ended up fighting off course and actually ended up farther North and South of Upstate New York trapping them in the occupied Areas.

After the retreat the trucks raced back to the shore line where they planned on crossing the river and into the Gambler Region where allied lines will keep them covered from any other German air attack. Their retreat was later granted to a halt when the heat began to come up a bit, allowing the Lake of Ontario to defrost a bit, causing the ice to become too weak to hold Trucks or even man.

The E.P now trapped with nowhere to go began to dig around the shore line using whatever they can for cover. The Germans eventually caught up the E.P and began to attack.

The E.P held for several hours but eventually became overrun, but Canada saved the E.P position and allowed them to escape, by boat back to the Gambler Region where they would head back to Michigan.

Aftermath Edit

The E.P managed to make it back to Michigan but their legions now were dead by the Thousands and the Reserves now weakened than ever before. The Siege of Gale Dorva, was known to be the most Bloodiest battle in the entire United Nazi War, and the most deadliest blow to Echo Park.

The Defeat at Gale Dorva, has deliberately weaken the the reserves and strengths of the E.P allowing the Germans to amass and prepare for a Second Invasion of Michigan. Hitler ordered several legions to gather around the ruins of Gale Dorva, and for repairs to be commenced Immediately.


  • Prior the events of Futile, the E.P, was known to be always on a defensive strategy, Operation Futile was the first tactic, when Echo Park would Go on the Offensive...
  • Though not shown, Nolan Ross was known to be trying and call Brenda Kylie's unidentified Lawyer for entry into Gale Dorva airfield, but never got the signal through...
    • The cause of why Nolan could not get through to the Lawyer in England is unknown, but it is likely due to Gale Dorva being too damaged by the war leaving the power lines too weak to get a signal through, or due to the fact that most of the airfield was destroyed during the Echo Park Siege, leaving the situation hopeless on getting any contact outside the airfield...
  • The E.P wanted Gale Dorva so they can stop the German air attack in Michigan...
  • The Siege of Gale Dorva was known to be the most bloodiest conflict in the entire United Nazi War in all of History...
  • It is possible that the Germans knew about the attack and let them come to annihilate the E.P but it is also possible that the attack was never discovered it is unknown...
  • After the attack the Airfield of Gale Dorva was badly damaged along with a huge number of aircraft destroyed, Despite these antics the Germans continued to use Gale Dorva to fuel Operation Von Dale...
  • The German counter attack that destroyed the E.P siege of Gale Dorva, was known to be the exact same ones that attacked Hill 66, on November 11th, 2011...