Siege of Standford Heights
Siege Of Standford- November 9th, 2011
Date: November 9th, 2011
Conflict: United Nazi War
Region: Standford Heights West Upstate New York
Music: Jeff Wayne: Brave New World...1978
Status: U.A.B.F. Victory...
  • Germans retreat back to Occupied Manhattan...
  • U.A.B.F. abandon Horace HQ...
  • Nazi Germany discovers the State of Origin, for the United Alliance of Brenda's Fans...
Operation: Swordfish
Battle Time: 9:19Am - 10:35Am
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The Siege of Standford Heights was known to be the first major Stall in the German Advance In Upstate New York, on the first day of The Blitz on the early evening of November 9th, 2011, several hours after the Fall of Kar and the German Invasion of New England.

Despite the destruction of the walls and entering the United Alliance of Brenda Fans Head Quarters their attack was repelled by a U.A.B.F Counter attack that sent the German forces fleeing back on the other side of the walls.

It was from here on that Nazi Germany figured out that the U.A.B.F. State of Origin was New York Despite, their Leader Brenda Kylie being English.

Prelude Edit

The U.A.B.F forces continued to fight Infantry in the fields but were starting to weaken when tanks and half tracks later arrived along with Germans attacking from the South. After a crushing counter attack the U.A.B.F abandoned their positions in the Jord fields.

The Germans surging forward nonstop was about to smash the final remainments of the U.A.B.F Michigan forces, trapping them between the river to the West, and the attacking Germans to the East and South.

The U.A.B.F set up a desperate defense in the region. Though heavily outnumbered they stood their ground in hopes of preventing the Germans from breaking through their lines and smash the evac site that was just 2 miles away Finally the U.A.B.F managed to snatch anything that was able to float and began to order the defenders to return to the Evac site by Cell phone. Before returning the U.A.B.F began to burn trees cut down barricades and dig up the land forcing German armor to stop for a time being, but wasn't enough to stop the infantry and air attacks from above.

Finally they gathered the last of their forces and the U.A.B.F crossed the river into Upstate New York while also receiving heavy fire from Ju-87's and fighters from above. After crossing the river they headed west where they retreated to Horace Head Quarters where, Standford Heights where the U.A.B.F field head quarters was known to be located in.

Battle Edit

Walls At Horace HQ BreachedEdit

The SS finally at last discover the United Alliance of Brenda's Fans Head Quarters In Upstate N.Y. at about 9:19Am, shortly after the U.A.B.F's major evacuation into Upstate New York.

A small band of SS Engineers arrived in the region to open up the way into the Horace Headquarters opening up the road to the Nazi Invasion that was waiting outside on the in the forest.

After planting bombs all over the walls from the base, of the walls major weak structures, the engineers retreated back down to the hill where they huddled before where they detonated the bombs there by blowing the walls apart. After destroying the walls the SS Amassed for the attack into the Standford Region where they hoped to end the war in the blink of an eye.

Major Fire Fights throughout the regionsEdit

After fortifying As much of the field as they could the German SS military branch, charged through the ruined walls and entered the fields, swarming from both North and South.

Some of the SS that entered the region came under fire from U.A.B.F Hidden in the tall grass. This confusion cost the SS A great deal of casualties in just mir minutes. The Germans Managed to gain an upper hand at first in the region, by breaking through a small U.A.B.F garrison at Ner Hill, about 12 Miles South of Horace Headquarters, and overrun the small fields in the area, sending Brenda Kylie fans into retreating back towards the Iorn River, where they would regrouped with another larger and stronger group.

After the German's arrived with even more heavier resistance than when they first came in, the U.A.B.F, with a new shipment of Artillery from Military Fire Arms.Net days earlier before the Invasion. After setting them up in multiple defensive positions along the field, the U.A.B.F began to establish a small defensive line in the tall grass fields. Despite being outnumbered the U.A.B.F managed to repel the SS and send them retreating back Ner Hill.

The U.A.B.F attempted to try and retake Ner Hill, but were ordered to remain on Defense. At around 10:54, the SS Surged forward again with the help of Half Tracks, and managed to crush the U.A.B.F forces on there left flanks sending there defensive lines into shambles.

The SS than focused their attentions on the nearby structures that were scattered across the entire region capturing them one by one, and forcing the U.A.B.F forces to abandon the region, leaving only a small amount of defenders left in the fields, trapped inside an old Nineteenth century Blockhouse, who attempted to try and make a stand against the Invading Germans whom which despite surrounding the tower, the group was able to hold their ground for a time period for about 40 minutes, until the U.A.B.F was able to reenter the region and reclaim the territories of Standford Heights.

U.A.B.F Counter AttackEdit

After gathering on a small field not far away from Standford Fields, the U.A.B.F were able to salvage the Anti Tank guns from the second World War Era, that they had purchased days earlier from Military, before slowly making their way back inside the region, while most of the German's were attempting to try and eliminate the small group of U.A.B.F forces in the block house.

Having to been able to make their way past German patrols, and setting up position on Knights field, the U.A.B.F were able to surprise the Germans with a barrage of anti Tank shells, eventually alerting the Invading forces, and sending a half track into the region, firing upon the field, where the shots were coming from, before the Germans to the east were ambushed and killed by U.A.B.F forces coming out of the woods. The Invading Germans were then forced into a defensive role, as the U.A.B.F launched an attack against the small town of Krem, that was about 5 miles away from Standford Heights, where Germans forces were forced to retreat, while the Halftrack that was constantly bombarding the Artillery batteries on the hill was silenced as well, by U.B.A.F forces coming down the roads, giving the U.A.B.F time to unleash another barrage from anti tank batteries on German positions on the field.

The U.A.B.F were able to liberate the small town of Krem, where the Germans were forced back into the Standford Heights area, and were also able to completely reclaim their main headquarters, from the Germans, just before the second Artillery barrage from anti tank guns that had now relocated on the tall grassy fields.

German RetreatEdit

German Retreat...

Battered German forces Retreat from Stanford after failing to drive off the U.A.B.F.

Despite containing large vasts of supplies and forces, the terrain around Standford Heights, eventually proved to be deadly for German forces, as they were eventually losing ground in the region, despite the U.A.B.F containing smaller numbers. During the second Artillery barrage, the Germans had attempted to send in reinforcements from behind the destroyed wall, but the second barrage of anti tank guns, eventually shattered any other attempt at taking over the field, forcing the Germans to fall back.

With many wounded, many German soldiers held their ground on the field, until they could get the wounded out of Standford Heights, and back beyond the wall, while U.A.B.F forces were able to reclaim the trenches, and the two Anti Tank guns were able to take position now at Horace Headquarters where they began to shell the remaining German positions on the field.

After gathering the last of the wounded, the Germans vacated behind the destroyed wall, and withdrew from the region, due to the fact of not having tanks in the area at the time, and failing to drive the U.A.B.F out completely from the region and its surroundings.

Aftermath Edit

With the region cleared of German attacks, the Germans, began to pull out from region, where it was defeated for the first time on American soil during the Blitz. Despite this major defeat in Upstate New York, the Germans were able to overrun the entire Northeastern United States, by November 11th, 2011.

The Germans would eventually return to the region with tank support, more infantry, and a couple of anti tank guns and Artillery, a day later following the failed Siege, on November 10th, 2011, but would arrive just to find the entire region including that of Horace Headquarters, the town of Kream, and the whole Standford Heights region to be abandoned, with no signs of the U.A.B.F anywhere.


  • Standford Heights, was known to be the first major German Defeat in the United Nazi War...
  • Horace Headquarters was abandoned after the Siege...
  • The Germans believed that Horace Headquarters was the major homing spot for the United Alliance of Brenda's Fans, but after returning to the ruins and finding nothing but rubble, they realize that they were no longer from this region...
  • Standford Heights was well wooded, covered with thick tall grass fields, giving the U.A.B.F a chance to counter attack and reclaim their head Quarters after the Germans took control...
  • In the UNW Web Series, the Siege of Stanford, along with multiple shots of Kar, was one of the only known engagement, to feature the Blitz in the United Nazi War Web Series, as the rest of the Blitz was occurring off screen during this time, though some screen shots are occurring from Obama Town to Long Island, but these shots would cut over time...
    • The Second Engagement being the Fall of Catskill Town, which took place on November 10th, and the third being the Battle of Cartel Hill, which begun on the final day of Operation Swordfish, which concluded the German's occupation of the New England coastline, while at the same time during the New England Evacuation that same day on November 11th, 2011...
    • The fourth Engagement being Operation SS Freedom, which occurred at the very same time during the attack on Cartel Hill, and the final engagement being the Siege of Norman, which lasted from November 17th, to the end of the Blitz...
  • This engagement, was the one of the only defeats to occur on the first day of The Blitz, while the rest contained nothing but German victories non stop, through the rest of November 9th, 2011...
  • It is unclear on what became of Standford Heights, following this event, as this region is never referred to again, but it is likely possible that the field remained under German occupation until New England's liberation in 2015...
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