SS Afghan Campaign
Battle of Afghanistan
Date: April 1st, 2012 - September 29th, 2014
Region: Afghanistan, Middle East
Conflict: United Nazi War
Status: Coalition Victory...
  • Nazi Germany Surrounds the UN...
  • United Nations Are Trapped In Afghanistan...
  • Taliban, and Al Queada Are Whiped from the Face of the Earth...
  • United Nations Breakout and escape the nation by 2014...


The Nazi Invasion of Afghanistan

Prelude Edit

After Operation G ValorEdit

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The Campaign Edit

2012-Arrival of Nazi GermanyEdit

Invasion of NortsEdit

During the uncertainty following the of future Amassment, Nazi Germany launched an offensive with the aim of capturing several towns and army camps abandoned by the Taliban. Though the offensive attacked several Nato Soldiers, in the process, the attacks were mostly due to both airstrikes, and land based Invasion.

The Taliban however were gathering a large shipment from Russia, that had just arrived in Afghanistan, about 2 weeks prior to the Nazi Invasion. After the Shipment reached Norts, it was than transported by truck south bound towards the Taliban held territories, until they were attacked by a surprise nazi Invasion, from both land and air.

On 2nd April 2012, the SS seized control of Eurack, the capital of Norts, as well as Avalee and Bou in central Norts. On 3rd, April, Gaolo fell to the SS, and both Taliban and Alqueda forces were now on the run, as well as receiving casualties up to almost the thousands. The following day, SS than moved on into the heart of Norts and Invaded Timtu, they captured it with little fighting. The speed and ease with which the SS took control of the north was attributed in large part to the confusion created in the army's Afghanistan's history", as well as the worst disaster for Al Queda, and Taliban fighters in the region.

The Fall of KandaharEdit

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Battle of Razoul

Taliban forces fend off Nazi's as they advance through Kandahar on April 30th, 2012...

Battle of OymeyEdit

Occupation of KabulEdit

Trapping the CoalitionEdit

Coalition Breakout AttemptsEdit

Coalition Counterattack at MoboraEdit

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20170801233404 1

Nazi Forces fending off against American and German forces on the streets of Mobora, during a Coalition counter attack on May 18th 2012...

2013-German Invasion of Central AfghanistanEdit

German Assault on Camp TorxEdit

Attack on Camp Torx

German Soldiers take cover behind a destroyed Tank, in order to flank an Abram Tank and American soldiers during the Attack on Camp Torx in May of 2013, marking the beginning of the Central Afghanistan Theater...

Battle of RagronathEdit

Operation Coalition StrikeEdit

2014-Final MonthsEdit

Aftermath Edit

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