The Fall of Kar
Fall of Kar
Date: November 9th, 2011
Conflict: United Nazi War
Region: kar, Carol Mountains, Southwest Main
Status: Nazi Victory...
Operation: Janupiter


The Fall of Kar was the first major Enagagement of the United Nazi War, and was also considered to be the most disastrous for both the American Inland Army and U.A.B.F Main forces.

The Nazi Victory at Kar Initiated the Blitz hours after, allowing the Germans to launch a large amphibious Invasion of the northeastern United States piercing from Main all the way south to New Jersey.

Though the United States Inland army attempted to try and recapture Kar, from Nazi Germany, but were repelled multiple times and was later over run when The Blitz began.

The Fall of Kar, would reveal to the whole North American Contienent of Nazi Germany's continus Existance.

Nazi Invasion Edit

Fall of KarEdit

The attack first occurred On a Saturday on the 9th, of November 2011 a day after the Attack In Rhinemaken and the Third Reich had completely locked down Germany.

Several hours prior to the attack, The United Alliance of Brenda's Fans were enjoying a nice relaxing rest in their hang out while listening to Kate Bush's Love And Anger song.

They were located In the Carol Mountains In western Main in the small Russian American town of Kar, just 20 Miles from the border of New Hampshire.

The Manor in which they relaxed in, was also known them as a vacationing spot, for U.A.B.F High ranking fan Soldiers who managed to buy the most of Brenda Kylie's Products, along with killing the most U.B.F.A Forces during the Broyce Fever War 2 years back.

Their peaceful relaxation is later interrupted by an attacking Nazi Invasion that apparently bursted into the Manor shooting the whole place up.

The Manor was occupied, in which multiple citizens of Kar later raised the Authorities in order to repel and retake the Manor once again, though the Authorities were able to breach the Door, they were repelled by MG.34 fire along with multiple Potato masher Grenades.

By the time of the attack was conducted by SWAT in order to reclaim the Manor, the Germans were swooping throughout the remains of the manor clearing out the entire house, and checking for any other signs of resistance, by the time the Soldiers left the Manor the German Main force had just arrived from the East and was now entering the Town, where they immediately and easily over powered the FBI, SWAT, and Police all together This onslaught would later cause panic within the population of Kar.

As the terrified ran they began to flee there homes along with their parents, radios, and collections of their Brenda Kylie fan materials. The German main force which was accurately numbered 300 to about 500 Infantry arrived with a single Tiger Tank and Half Track in which joining the Panzer III grew the German's Vehicle armor to 3.

During the fighting in the town, with only minimum resistance blocking their path, most likely Mafia Parities, Gangs and Law enforcement were the only ones at the time who were fighting the Germans at the time, although the U.A.B.F themselves were also fighting against them as well.

A single Panzer III Tank later arrived as well in surprise to the Citizens and other groups defending Kar by breaching the Concrete Walls of one of the Town's Construction Sites, where it fired, on the field also making the panic become even more out of control, by this point the Authorities realized that the Town of Kar was now under Invasion, and sent an Urgent call to the Pentagon in hopes of getting the Military into the sector, but the Message was cut off when a Tiger Tank, that had just arrived alongside the Main Force, destroyed the Radio Antenna silencing all communications.

During the engagement many of the U.A.B.F along side multiple Mafia gangs died while trying to stop the German Advance, mostly from rifles that they bought online, or ones that their grandparents used to use since WWII.

A Second Half Track later arrived from the northeast and began to deploy more German reinforcements on the streets, the U.A.B.F now knowing that Kar is lost began to flee into the Jord Fields that was located to the South West, about 4 miles away.

Though the U.A.B.F. departed the town, multiple resistance was still up against the Germans, by Biker Gangs, and Mafia Families. These Shootouts would last until the the U.S Military sent a force of 59 Infantry and a single Abram Tank into the town, in order to restore order.

First U.S Inland AttackEdit

During the first Inland attack on Kar, the Germans easily Outnumbered the U.S Military forces who were indeed very shocked on Nazi Germany's presence on their soil, but most of all their existence.

Though the Military was able to get their Tank on the streets of Kar, it was destroyed by both Panzershreks hidden in the Town ruins and the Panzer III that had just arrived from the North Eastern Section of the Town.

Though destroyed, the Tank also served it's purpose by Killing a large amount of German forces on the street, in which the Nazi's themselves referred to the tank as Impenetrable, for Many shots fired by the Tiger Tank that took part in the attack was ineffective, but did cause damage, but the Tiger was destroyed in just one single shot by the Abram, in which would shock all Germans in the town, for during the second World War it took multiple shots to bring down a Tiger.

After the destruction of the Tiger, the Abram and U.S Inland retreat, only the Panzer III was left to take part in holding the Town, for a second Attack that was sure to come at any time.

Jord Fields & U.A.B.F. Withdraw Edit

The Fall of Kar, sent the surviving U.A.B.F forces fleeing into the Jord fields where they began to use the terrain to conduct attacks against the advancing Germans hopping to stall them long enough so that the remaining U.A.B.F can get away.

The U.A.B.F managed to repel at least 4 German infantry attacks, the news also went on about a World War II Ree actment that came under fire from German forces which gave away and sent the much of the region into a state of panic and shock. The U.A.B.F forces continued to fight Infantry in the fields but were starting to weaken when tanks and half tracks later arrived along with Germans attacking from the South.

After a crushing counter attack the U.A.B.F abandoned their positions in the Jord fields. The Germans surging forward nonstop was about to smash the final remainments of the U.A.B.F Michigan forces, trapping them between the river to the West, and the attacking Germans to the East and South.

The U.A.B.F set up a desperate defense in the region. Though heavily outnumbered they stood their ground in hopes of preventing the Germans from breaking through their lines and smash the evac site that was just 2 miles away Finally the U.A.B.F managed to snatch anything that was able to float and began to order the defenders to return to the Evac site by Cell phone. Before returning the U.A.B.F began to burn trees cut down barricades and dig up the land forcing German armor to stop for a time being, but wasn't enough to stop the infantry and air attacks from above.

Finally they gathered the last of their forces and the U.A.B.F crossed the river into Upstate New York while also receiving heavy fire from Ju-87's and fighters from above. After crossing the river they headed west where they retreated to Horace Head Quarters where, Standford Heights where the U.A.B.F field head quarters was known to be located in.

Second U.S Inland AttackEdit

News spread quick on the fall of Kar and Jord, springing the United States Elite forces of the National Guard Units into action in launching a counter offensive against the region to reclaim their lost land from Nazi Germany.

At around 8:00Am, the U.S Inland Army returned once again and unleashed a more powerful counter attack against the region managing to push the Germans out of the Jord fields and back to Kar where once again a large Street War occurred.

The U.S Military now with more armor and soliders than the last time, were gaining the upper hand against the Germans in the town, until they were soon surprise attacked from the sky by Ju-87's that mysteriously arrived from out of no where catching the American Inland Army completely off guard and slowing down their advance grinding it into a halt by taking it out most of their Armored divisions, BF-109's eventually arrived as well and shot down multiple Troop transport Helicopters that were arriving with supplies and reinforcements, giving the SS Enough time to establish better defenses in Kar.

After the Planes departed, the U.S continued their counter attack against the Germans, but this time had much difficulty than before, due to the Germans now being well Fortified than they were in the first hours of the Counter Attack.

The U.S Inland Military due to lack of armored units were eventually caught off guard a second time by a flanking armored division coming out of of the West, consisting of about 22 Panzer III's and 12 Tiger Tanks, in which they were stationary East of Kar incase of an Emergency should occur. Upon arriving on the field, these newly fresh armored units began to attack the U.S left over Tank battalions, destroying them one by one with a new tactic that was called Double Kill, In which they both fired at the same time at a single U.S Tanks literally destroying them, and finding out an advantage point against 21st Century Armor.

Other weaknesses were also discovered as a Single shot from an Tiger Tank pierced the rear end of the Abram causing it to explode into a fire ball, while another was discovered by shooting the Tank's Turret. These major advantages were quickly learned by the Germans and were sent to Berlin in order to inform the Third Reich that the tanks can be destroyed in certain parts in a single blast.

The loss of tanks, and APC's forced the U.S Military to abandon Kar and retreat to Kar's suburbs taking positions in the trees.

At 8:55 Am the German strategy had become a reality they received word from Jodl in Berlin, that the German main fleet consisting of about 5,456 Merchant Ships, that departed from the Resort, and Kornex, where they were identified to have been just outside the New England Coastline stretching from New Jersey, all the way to their position in Main.

The German invaders taking this antic as a consideration decided to launch a surprise attack on the U.S military Units around the Western borders of Main which would force the U.S Military to keep eyes on them in the North in order to gather the largest bulk into Main, where afterwards the German Invasion would begin, and literally crush or weaken the entire Inland army in one single blow. 

At about 9:07 Am a large German counter attack was unleashed from occupied Kar, hitting the Inland army hard on all sides forcing them to retreat back to the Jord fields where they soon found themselves surrounded.

The U.S Inland military managed to get reinforcements from the South and West, but the Germans triggered their trap Initieating The Blitz.

At around 10:32 Am German planes, that were launched from 22 newly constructed German Aircraft Carriers launched from 24 miles off the New England Coast, with a grand number of about 500 to 600 Planes. (similar to the size of the Invading force that attacked and Occupied Kar)

The German Luftwaffe Invaded American Air Space and pounded the Cities of New England including a couple of towns South of New England, clearing the way for a large German Amphibious Invasion that was on the way from the Merchant Fleet several miles off the beach.

The Germans touched down on the beach's up and down the Coast, and managed to overrun them in just mir minutes without a single shot being fired, mostly due to the Inland force being too occupied at Kar during the present time.

Aftermath Edit

The Fall of Kar brought about one of the most biggest disasters in U.S Military history close to Pearl Harbor on December 7th 1941 during the events of World War II. It was later coordinated by U.S Special forces that the attack on Kar was nothing more but a mir diversion in order to draw all of America's armies toward Main, where they would be easily sandwhiched and Annhilated by the main invasion that came from the sea.

The Fall of Kar brought about the begining of the Blitz, and the weakining of most of America's Inland Army, leaving a some total of about 330 dead and 222, Wounded during the hours of their 2 counter attacks in order to try and reclaim Kar.

The Blitz InitiatedEdit

Main article: The Blitz

While the U.S Inland forces were engaged with the SS In the North, the SS Initiated their main trap, Operation Swordfish, known to Hitler and the rest of the Third Reich as The Blitz. The German Luftwaffe managed to take off from German Aircraft Carriers (That were constructed some time in 2005 in the Resort), off the coast and launched a huge air invasion of New England reducing 50% of the coastal cities, including Boston, Atlantic City, Teaneck, and New York, into a State of solid ruble.

While the Air strikes were keeping the coast line distracted the Germans launched a full scale Amphibious Invasion on the entire New England Seaboard, 12 Vehicles landed In Main, 14 landed in New Jersey, 7 landed in Long Island, another 4 landed in Atlantic City.

Within minutes the beach heads fell without a single shot being fired. Civilians close to the shore, evacuated in a state of panic, while the German Invaders entered the cities clearing them out one block at a time, until they got to the action.

The U.S Military units now horrified of an Invasion on U.S Soil quickly abandoned Kar, and scattered in separate directions towards the coast lines of separate states, but soon were butchered and trapped between the Germans to the East, and Invading German forces to the South. With rarely anymore reserves, By 12:33 Pm, The entire U.S Inland army was overrun and forced retreat into the Upstate region of New York, but were hit by the German North Army from the North.

The attack cost the United States Inland Army many lives, also leading to the destruction of one of their main head quarter compounds in Reese New Jersey. The weakening Inland men allowed 2 of the United Sates most industrial states, to become Occupied by the Nazi Invasion including another 3, that was finished off 2 hours later on 8:19 Pm, during the fall of November 9th.

However the states of New Jersey, New York, and Massachusetts continued to fight off the Invaders until November 10th, to November 11th.

Trivia Edit

  • The Fall of Kar was the first major Ground Battle of the United Nazi War, and was also declared to be the first engagement on US Continental Soil in the Alternate History of the United States...
  • The Fall of Kar was best known as the Opening Engagement to the Blitz that occurred hours after the towns fall on November 9th...
  • The MP40, MG.36 and the Walther P38 Pistol, would be the first known Nazi Weaponry to be used by German soldiers in the Beginning of the engagement before the Fall of Kar...
  • The Police, FBI and Swat Force, would be the first major Authority and Armed force to ever encounter Nazi Germany...
  • The Fall of Kar was the first official Engagement on American Soil, and was also known as the major Signal Engagement for the Initiation of the Blitz...