United Reich States of Germany
Flag of the Reich States of America
Established: 1947
Collapse: December 26th, 1995
Founders: Nazi Germany
Years Active: 1947-1994
Status: Disbanded...
Continent: North America, Eastern United States
Capital: Tyrus, New York
Creator: 2091riveraisrael

The United Reich States of Nazi Germany commonly referred to as The U.R.S.N.G or The Fascist Nation was a fictional portion of the United States, that was conquered and controlled by Nazi Germany during the outcome of the Second World War in 1947, that stretched between the entire eastern half of the United States to the Midwest, bordering the Imperial States of Japan to the West side of the continent.

The United Reich States of Germany was best known for a vast site of many wars that occured with the American public since 1952, and was also known to be the most darkest place in American history, that forced most Americans to cross the North American Wall and enter the Imperial states of Japan, while others stayed behind to either fight off the occupiers or live on through the rules of the Fascist Reich.

In the mid 1950's the U.R.S.G expanded its territory during the Axis Civil War, where the Japanese lost the control of the Western states in 1956, with the exception of Hawaii.

47 years into the occupation, and about 38 years after the Germans ejected the Japanese from the continent the United Reich States of Germany remained in Nazi Rule, until the events of the Valor Conflict, in the late 80's to mid 1990's, which finally concluded the United States to finally be free again, when the nation was liberated by the United Nations.

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